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    Hi All

    This post it to give our Modz Members the opportunity to receive the correct information about Pandora.

    The Modz forums were created to give our members a place to find out information about the third party Modz that "Members of 3DX" create and Pandora is one of these.


    What is Pandora?

    Pandora is a website that takes the information found in user profiles and allows you to search for Avatar names to see the information within their profiles without being in game.

    As it uses the account ID it also makes the names of the Avatars past and present alts available.


    Notes about Pandora:

    There is a free and paid version.

    The free version

    • The free version lets you see the current information within an Avatars profile, As you can in game by searching for it.
    • The Free version also gives you 5 free “Reveal”  Credits. If you use a Reveal credit it allows you to see an Avatars Alts for one month only.
    •  Your Reveal credits have an individual one month life cycle that are reset one month after you use it. The Avatars Alts you have revealed are hidden when the credit you used is reset 31 days after you use it.(You will need to Reveal them again if you forgot the Avatars Alts names… its best to write them down)

    The paid version.

    • Depending on the subscription package you purchase with bitcoins a subscriptions will reveal all players in the data base for the duration of your Subscription. There are 1 month, 6 months and 12 months subscriptions available.
    • When your Subscriptions expires, all the accounts are hidden again.

    Does Pandora give me access to see players who have multiple accounts? No

    • Pandora can only see the alts on a single account

    Does Pandora have access to my billing information and email address? No

    • Nothing in 3DXChat code allows anyone to access your credit card or email address. This information is held by the Billing company.

    How Do I access Pandora?

    • To access Pandora website you will need contact the developer and download the TOR browser. The TOR browser is a custom security enhanced fork of the open-sourced Firefox, but with extra layers to access the TOR network.

    TOR Wiki


    TOR Download Link



    Here is the link to the forum post Gizmo made about Pandora


    Here is a link to a blog posted by Jason Bourne with more details about Pandora


    Here is the email address if you would like to join Pandora




    Information you put in your profile in 3DXChat has potential to be captured by Pandora.

    If you share personal pictures of yourself with friends in game via your profile but then remove them within a couple of minutes....there is a very very small chance these pictures will be available on the Pandora Website.

    I strongly advise our members to consider very carefully what images they put in their 3DXChat Game Profiles.



    And yes there is always a Disclaimer.

    Pandora Web Site was not created by any of Modz forums Administrators or Modz Developers you regularly see here on these forums.

    The reason for this post is to inform and advise the Modz members of its existence with correct information.


    Update from ADMIN 24/09/2017

    Possiable Scam Pandora Site

    Attention to all (potential) users of Pandora!

    I have been informed by a user that fake scam Pandora clones have started to appear. Their front page may look exactly like Pandora's, but the contacts and the payment credentials are fake. So you will be just giving away your money to a scammer in case you use any of the clones.

    Always check the url in your browser, the correct one is: http://pandoraujsbl54pf.onion/

    Edited by Ayon
    updates for possiable scam website

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