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    Jump Steps

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    Hi all

    This tutorial is about  "Jump Steps"


    So what is a Jump Step?

    Well its a props placed to allow you to cross/jump through a window or invisible wall (and visible walls in advanced cases) to allow you access to the other side.

    Wall Sketch.png


    So to start with, any props you can walk on can be used as a Jump step, but the most common are Light Cubes and Coffee tables.


    Prop placement.

    The prop you are using for your Jump Step should ways be place on the "Other side" of the window/wall you are trying to cross.

    Never put the prop 1/2 way through as that just cause players to get stuck. Don't be shy to leave a small gap between the window/wall and your Jump Step as we want people to  "Jump" through the window...not Walk across it.


    You can see I have lined up a row of White blocks to "Jump" through APT2 window.

    Now, this by itself works perfectly fine...but often we still see new players getting stuck.

    2017-05-27 21-04-49_43539.png


    People becoming stuck are generally clicking on the front face of the block which makes the Avi want to "Walk Through" the window/wall instead of " Jumping" through it.

    So to promote people to click the top of the Jump Step we cover up the bits we don't want them to click.


    In the picture below you can see I have used Speakers to hide the sections of the Light Cubes I do not want people to click.

    2017-05-27 21-39-45_5482.png


    So by covering up the White Light Cube areas that might cause people to get stuck, I have now made the "Jump Step"  Newbie Proof :)

    2017-05-27 21-40-02_6027.png



    Now a couple of Notes:

    • All ways put your Jump block on the "Other-Side" of the Wall/Window you are trying to cross. The Idea is you want them to "Jump" across ...not walk
    • Always cover the parts of the Jump Step you do not want people to click on with "non-walk able" props (like speakers)
    • In APT2, you do not need to "JUMP" back into the room....you can just walk back through the window. (if you are getting STUCK walking back into APT2...the Jump Block is too high. Just lower it.
    • in APT1, you need to JUMP in and out of the Apartment Balcony. Once outside the balcony there is 3 more Invisible walls to deal with

    If set up correctly players should only need to single click on the Jump Step to "Jump" across the Wall/Window.




    You can find two "Jump Steps" I have made for APT1 and APT2 here to download:



    Best of Luck


    <3 Ayon

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