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    The Perfect Circle

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    Hi All

    So a lot of people have asked me how to make a perfect circle dance floor. Well there is a few ways to do it, but I thought I would show the simplest.


    To start with...some notes:

    • I am using AlexRyders Extender Modz in 1.0 to create this.
    • This can be done Rochi's Modzas well...it will just require a steady hand and patience.

    First :)

    Put a prop in your room (in this case i am using the Book-shelve, xml code named "rack_1")

    You can see in the picture i have put the prop where i want the "Center" of my circle to be.

    2017-05-26 18-53-56_7020 (Small).png


    Now the fun begins.

    In the tool bar on Alex Modz, I have set my Y rotation to x3 and I have turned off the mouse.




    Now copy the first book-shelve and rotate it "1 step" to the left....repeat!!!


    A x3 (or 3deg) rotation means for a complete circle you will need 120 book-shelves.

    So for a smaller deg rotation you will need more props...i.e. 1deg will require 360 props.


    This is what you will end up with. A  circle of  120 book-shelves.

    2017-05-26 18-58-15_20405 (Small).png


    So, we now have these in the "Exact" center of our circle.....now all we do is move them out an exact amount of horizontal steps.


    Before you start you will see I have set the "Axis" to "Local" and the X and Y axis to 0.6



    Now, for this example i am moving each book-shelve out (forward arrow in this example) 20 steps x 0.6

    There is no real reason for this...its just what i did for this example. You can move your props as far as you like... :)


    2017-05-26 19-02-23_35326 (Small).png


    2017-05-26 19-04-55_44531 (Small).png


    Annnnnnnnd!!! the very last one :D

    2017-05-26 19-07-54_55347 (Small).png


    You have now made a perfect circle :)

    2017-05-26 19-08-23_57063 (Small).png


    once the outer ring is completed you could make something like this!! :)

    2017-05-26 19-19-16_95203 (Small).png


    I hope this help you all and if you have any questions feel free to ask them here or in game :D


    <3 Ayon

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