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  1. Remove duplicate objects (World JSON Files)

    Hello all,
    I had yesterday a big problem with the World Editor. For whatever reason everything was duplicated. Maybe it was me, maybe a bug, I don't know. Anyway, it was to late to load my last saved work because I changed to much.
    I was frustrate but than I said to myself: Chloe, calm down, you can code  So I wrote a little command line tool for the new JSON-World format to remove duplicate objects. Also inside of groups. I didn't had many but if you work on complex structures it can happen that you duplicate a block by accident.
    The usage is pretty straightforward:
    ChloeCleanTheWorld.exe "c:\...\awesome.world"
    The check routine does not considering material. So if you have two objects with the same size and position on top each other with different materials, one of them will be removed!
    Have fun and take care!
    I have changed the code to do deep search of duplicate objects inside groups. Means more duplicate objects are now found
    Please use the tool with care!
    TamaraX reported that she needed to run my tool 5 times before 0 duplicates were found. O don't know were my logic hole is but anyway, I have implemented a multi pass so really every duplicate object should be deleted after a single run:
    Now with UI and installer (and auto update)
    Did this for Chloe


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