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My builds.

2017-09-30 16-49-51_4195.png

2017-09-30 16-50-08_4369.png

2017-09-30 16-50-27_4541.png

2017-09-30 16-50-52_4840.png

2017-09-30 16-51-25_5298.png

2017-09-30 16-52-18_5883.png

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Very Creative Mrstyles :)

I love your use of the curves and circles.

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30 minutes ago, Ayon said:

Very Creative Mrstyles :)

I love your use of the curves and circles.

Thank you.... that means alot coming from you Ayon. I think the curves really pop in the room from the avi view. I mean the room pics are always cool to see, but when you are in game and walk around it has a different feel. And curves really add to environment. Yes they are a nightmare to do on so many levels. But worth it, im still learning though.

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