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  1. ZaraUK


    @Nym Oiiiiiiii ? Maybe you should delete this thread now since the software in question is obsolete? Doesn't really need awareness anymore right? ?
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Hi Everyone Attached is a Simple PDF of ZaraUK basic guide on how to start Streaming Music in 3DXChat.....like your favorite DJ's. Her article can also be found on the here. Nym
  3. Hi Zara I used to DJ in RLC and would like to get set up in 3DX but have no clue where to start..any direction?

    Thanks DJSimon

  4. ZaraUK


    It's easier to simply use the .world file now, but the .xml can still be uploaded to the game using Alex's 3DX Chat Saver.
  5. ZaraUK


    Nice Lex! Who's the DJ?
  6. I've been having crashes recently too, seems to be random. Updated my Nvidia drivers and it seemed to be fine for a while but it has crashed again since. Sent Alex my crash output and he says it's the Unity engine crashing. So it seems it would be a problem on 3DX's end.
  7. Would be cool if there was an option to totally remove the ocean from the room if that's possible?
  8. Agreed, having an axis tool to see the current axis of an object and be able to edit it would be very useful. Would be nice if there was an option to snap to objects rather then just the grid too as some objects I need to manually scale to get the right size, hence these objects are then not on the grids snap.
  9. Bit busy making my own at the moment but when I'm done I could try making something for you if you still want. I'll keep an eye on here and let you know.
  10. Greetings everyone. Here I will try to help out people who want to get started or are looking for different software / service's to use for DJing in 3DXChat. I will try keep this short and sweet (trying to keep it simple too) or I could go on forever! There are many different products you can use to get the job done so I will only list some of the very popular options below. DJ Software VirtualDJ Serato DJ Rekordbox Mixxx Winamp The DJ software is what will play your music on your computer, you
  11. Will come and have a nosey
  12. Nice, I've played on games before with the same building tools, should be able to pick it up instantly!
  13. ZaraUK


    Belated second! Welcome everyone!
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