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  1. I have a mount pirec as well as thick materia underneath it , this mmateria//... (at thys point im assuming itsa dynamic im not undderstading
  2. All those pillars were staight , andve straightened them 5 times .... this ios whats happening al
  3. I would need to show a video, because it is happening over the span of minutes... If I take a pole and stick it perfectly straight up and down into the floor, the come back (you can literally watch it happen) 2 minutes later that poll has laid to the left 15-20 degrees .. now imagine that happening spuradically with every material I set. Even rocks and sand are doing it When you watch it, it is almost like everything is on a boat and it's Swaying back and forth .... And with each away everything get out of allignment, little , by little, by little. If the same pole was left unchecked i woulay all the way down and start floati g Seems to stay in place while the room is active. Does that make sense?
  4. Unfortunately I can't give much more was fine one day, and evetything is just floating, nothing is locking and each new material comes out at a consistent, but wierd angle I've tried everythingbg, I am at end of the rope for this one .... Itsss ssooooo frustrated
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