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  1. Hey Nym, I did some tests and the 20 meters sphere is the most easily movable and scalable. Here is a pic demonstrating. I resized it larger to get more space inside. Keep in mind this is just some test I did to view the feasability and I will tweak the sides. Just wanted to show you. You advice helped me a lot. Everything was clear. I know it is huge. But I dont really know the space needed right now. File size is 396kb
  2. Thanks Nym. I will make use of these tips and try to make it work. And yes practice a lot before jumping into the task. WooHoo. Thanks again Neithx
  3. Hi everyone and Modz experts I have been asked to check the possibility of building a club in a sphere. What they proposed me is something that loook like Epcot. Where the club would occupy the lower part of the sphere. My biggest problem is how to make an empty shell spherical. I tried some forms but it does not accomplish what I am looking for. Maybe someone could help point me in the right direction. Here are some pics of the proposed project. Thanks in advance for your ideas Always learning Neithx
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