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  1. Xperience New update of the Xperience client. - Anti Cuddle added to client (Players can no longer hug or kiss you once the box is checked) - Adding the time to the messages you receive (PM, WC, LC)
  2. I think this is possible I am on a project to recover the moving lights of the Fresco Club and to be able to add them in a room
  3. New update now available on the Xperience client. - Possibility of teleportation on targeted players - Code modification for optimization. - Increased Client safety
  4. Hello everyone I come to introduce you to a new Client [Xperience] for 3dxchat. This Client allows you to see all the people of 3dx who have blocked you or even to join their rooms if you wish. You will also be able to change the colors of the names of the players as you want blue, pink, or purple ect ... We plan to add a lot of content on it, like the ability to teleport to a person and a lot of other things. Unfortunately for some, this Client is not free for the simple reason that there is a lot of work behind to set it up. To be able to have an access it i
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