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  1. Hehe, as you wish Ayon! Images are up now
  2. Asher

    The Infernus

    My 3rd room featuring a large satanic demon in a hellish environment. Wanted to do something fun and different in terms of ambiance and music; much more fitting for heavy metal/dark EDM, etc. Grand opening was an absolute blast and was my first time working with DJs. Here are some photos, enjoy
  3. Hey everyone! Next week on Sunday @ noon, I'll be debuting a new room Featuring amazing DJ talent from AshaXO, Vixx, Danisa, Torax, and Duke! Hope to see y'all there for a lil party in Hell
  4. Asher

    The Skyhaven

    This is my second room using the World Editor. The idea was inspired by my love for uplifting pop music, as well as my love for the look of more 'classic' ships designs. But I also wanted to have some fun with the editor, as well as the theme of freedom/inspiration/flight, and make it a fantasy airship. The file is 996kb, and took me roughly 70+ hours to do. I really lost track after awhile so it's just a rough estimate. Hope you all enjoy
  5. Zile, if I get your question, all you need to do is 'center' the gizmo instead of having it set to 'pivot' up top. So select your object and/or group of objects, choose to 'center' the gizmo from the top, and then rotate. This should allow you to rotate the group as a whole.
  6. Asher

    The Beach House

    My first full World Editor project. I wanted to take advantage of the editor's tools for details and make a lovely home/chill place for my friends and I. Hope you enjoy
  7. Ah yea, Torax thanks, I did recognize I could do this after playing with the editor a little bit more. That being said, this center pivot feature still doesn't quite for for SCALING in just 1 axis when it's a group of objects, as many of the times once the objects 'within' the group have been rotated in certain ways, they will scale from their local positions again, if that makes sense. And lastly, this still falls under the 'scaling' issue in that I think having the ability to straight up mirror a grouped set of objects would be immensely helpful. There are many builds that involve symmetry and this could mean reducing a lot of work by 1/2 by simply mirroring. Technically, if the scaling thing I mentioned were fixed, one could hypothetically achieve a 'group mirroring' effect by doing a perfect -1 scaling of the group, but that's pretty difficult if not given a scaling snap step option. Thanks for the response tho, I'm sure others will find this tip helpful Torax
  8. I suppose this is a suggestion, but I think it's pretty important. Hopefully this is the right place for it I would love to have a couple of settings for the flood light objects in the game. Basically: 1) Have a 'Only on at night/below certain ambient level' toggle for each light. Right now, there's a bit of an awkward situation with lighting in that I would a lot of times only require them to be on for night lighting, but they do nothing for day settings except eat up performance as well as 'over-light' in day settings. 2) Implement an 'intensity and/or radius' slider for each light. This would be amazing. Right now, in order to light a dark scene, I basically just have to spam lights all over the place to help light a larger area. To be able to increase the intensity should allow us to light much larger scenes with way less performance penalties. Thanks for listening, whoever reads this
  9. You're welcome You can have multiple properties saved out as different files but you can only load one at a time. (Which I think essentially equates to limitless properties since save/loading them takes just a second) If you want to make things for other people, you have the option of 'save selected to file' which means you can group a bunch of objects that make a bigger design, like a pool table, and save all that out to a file. If someone else wants it they can just get that file from you and load file from merge in their room. Or, if you want to work 'directly' on their room, then they would just have to send you their file and you load it up as if it was your own, then send it back
  10. Hi there Diana, welcome to 3DX!! Yea, so far, I'm not aware of any hacks that allow for adding color to objects that don't allow it. There could be one out there, but the WE is very new so I kinda doubt it atm. Currently, we are also stuck with the existing materials. To move around in building mode, hit F6 while building and it will allow you to walk around in build mode. I think just hit F5 and you go back to non-moveable build mode like usual. Also, during the 'move' mode you can hold shift and click anywhere and it will instantly teleport your avi to where you want. This should help a lot with your placements and scale. Hope this helps and good luck building! -Ash
  11. Okay, so I don't know if this is the best place to notify of issues, but I'll take a stab at it. Been going to town for past few days building with the awesome new tools. There have only been a few things that have caused me some real issues and frustration: 1) When grouping a selection of objects, often times the 'center' pivot is no longer global and isn't actually treating all grouped objects as one; causing rotation or scaling of grouped objects to be nearly impossible. This is because the rotation point is now at a weird angle despite having global or center pivot turned on. So I can no longer rotate the 'grouped' object at all, because either A) the rotation/scale tool is still local in some sense, because the gizmo is at an angle OR B) the objects still act as separate individuals that rotate or scale on their own. I believe scaling should also have its own snap function, and ideally, can be set to -1 to be able to 'mirror' an object or group of objects. 2) When selecting a group of objects, the collision/detection box seems kind of weird because it tends to select things waaay outside of my actual dragged cursor, causing the act of grouping objects to be quite frustrating. I understand that a lot of times this is because things are being selected in the background and can't be helped. So I suggest a way to fix this might be to allow for 'locking' of objects, such as an island floor or let's say a dining table that you know is finished/placed well and you don't plan on moving it. If every object or group of objects had its own option of being 'locked' from being selected, that would be outstanding and save a great deal of hassle. Another suggestion would be to introduce the concept of 'Layers' like in Photoshop or Maya, tho I imagine this might be notably more work. 3) Currently, the camera speed when up close is also way too fast. I suggest holding shift to increase camera speed would be of great help. Perhaps it increases speed based on how long you hold shift, so like 2-3 seconds is 25% faster, and either gradually increases from there or have certain set thresholds of speed. Those are so far the only really noticeable problems I've experienced. Thanks in advance if any of these get noticed and addressed!
  12. Whaaaa?? I...I wouldn't mind...heheehe XP
  13. First off, the World Editor is absolutely amazing and I'm overwhelmed with the amount of amazing content available to us now. Thank you to the Devs in case they see this post! I have a few suggestions I feel pretty strongly about: 1) I think it would be terrific if the water could just be removed altogether instead of just raising/lowering levels. I know in particular that water can cause the worst of lag/performance issues (at least for those who don't know to turn off reflections), and I'm sure a great deal of rooms will never even incorporate water as part of their design. 2) The Night time setting has definitely brightened up a great deal. It looks like there's more of an 'ambient' lighting that honestly, imo, kills a lot of the mood and contrast of the rooms designed in that setting. I would love to have a slider for that ambient light (assuming it's just one) and/or just bring back the old dark setting. I'm currently building a couple of rooms that could really benefit from this darker setting. 3) Probably the most important to me: After 'grouping' numerous objects, it would be amazing if rotation and scaling affected ALL objects uniformly as if it was 'one new large' object. Right now, all rotation and scaling are still affecting each object individually, which kind of renders those modifiers useless when a group of objects if formed. The only viable one is movement, which DOES treat all objects in a group as one. And lastly, if I may be so indulgent as to suggest a 'mirror' function for said objects. Currently, IF the first part of this request is fulfilled, I do believe scaling something by -1 could achieve a 'mirroring' effect. But perhaps there can be a button that makes it even easier. Once again, thanks again so much to the Devs for the their hard work on improving this game.
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