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  1. as you were credited for on the Front main entrance @Alexa Darkness the rest are done by me.
  2. Hey Natsumi I'd rather host the room if possible, as there are elements in it I don't really want to share. I'm online and available most of the day and evening, so it should be ok. You don't all need to be there at the same time (due to time zone issues)? You can all see when convenient and then compare notes on discord etc? drop me a message on discord, and i can meet you in game when needed
  3. This is the BRB Club, a joint entry from my wife Lizz Smexy and I. We enjoy building together, focusing on different areas that we are both stronger in. We tend to go for more realistic real world builds, with a lot of detail. For our club, we wanted something believable that you might find in most big cities. We also wanted something fairly compact with atmosphere. Neither of us are fans of huge soulless rooms that can fit 300+ with full social distancing! We don't play for numbers, we would rather have 50 people actively enjoying a room and music, than 150 that don't chat. We started with a red and black theme, and then added some blue for more contrast in certain areas. We liked the idea of a darker underground club that you have to descend into. We wanted a main lower dance floor with some seating space, and then a mezzanine bar floor with additional seating and booths. And obviously a stage area to one side for the DJ and any dance crew. We wanted the landing zone to have some initial impact, so added a MacDonalds and Taxi office to build a realistic scene and compliment the Club setting. The DJ controller is a replica of a Pioneer DDJ1000. We have a fully detailed exact replica with full labeling, but we had to reduce some of the detail here to ensure a useable file size. The original DDJ1000 is over 3mb on it's own – lol. We didn't have a name in mind when we started the build. The theme was mainly Blue, Red and Black.... so while brainstorming we stumbled across the first letter combo... BRB... We both laughed, as this is probably the most commonly typed phrase in local chat across the game! So we settled on this, and named the club the Be Right Back club, and built the logo using the 3 themed colours. The file is under 2mb and has no lag issues. We look forward to having a grand opening soon Edit - Forgot to mention, whole room built by us, with one exception, the writing for the Be Right Back entrance sign, which was an Alexa Darkness font I believe All other text in the room built by us. I'm happy to host the room for any judges to look around, just drop me a message. Discord SamSmexy#1507
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