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  1. So unique and stunning
  2. Come join us this weekend in the new Ruby Red Burlesque
  3. Birthday Party in the new Ruby Red Burlesque Celebrating BellaCheeks, JTDevil and TIBU's birthday. Times: 3PM Western/6PM Eastern/CET 12AM 6PM-7Pm=DJSpicySweet 7pm-8pm= AllieKat 8pm-9pm= DJ Harmony 9PM-10PM= DJ Racelyn 10PM-11PM DJ Harmony
  4. I am having a birthday party for my husband and I on Saturday February 6th. My friend Allie is going to DJ but would like a few more so i can give her a break. Thank you
  5. Come join his at the new beautiful Ruby Red Burlesque fir some dancing and nawty FUN!!! xoxo BellaCherks
  6. I am so happy with my new room. Feel Free to come check it out when its opens.
  7. @Alexa Darkness as of last week i found a builder but your rooms are very nice
  8. can i get and invite to the server. By mistake i deleted myself off. My discord is BellaCheeks#2853 @Nym
  9. @Alexa Darknessi have not found one yet
  10. I am asking this for one of my friends. she was a DJ on another site using caster radio pro. Is there a way to use caster here on 3dx without having to pay for another professional system. Would appreciate any help.
  11. I am looking for a builder who can build a specific type of club for me. I'm not at the point where i can do it since i am still new here. I would appreciate it. Thank you
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