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  1. I tried to PM you. I don't see any club section on this site. The only way is to search through Google and I stikk can't create a new one.
  2. Maybe you could as a RP ad section on here? Just a suggestion
  3. Your link didn't work, but it doesn't matter because apparently they're not allowing new people to register. Why would I buy a game which won't allow me to be of tge forum? So dumb.
  4. I seem to be having some trouble signing up for 3dmodz, but I did it. I was wondeting if someone could tell me how sign up for 3dxchat forum I can't find a sign up area anywhere only sign in. Also how do I deletes posts on this site? Is it because I'm using an phone for now?
  5. Hi sorry didn't mean to message you. For some reason the only way a sign up window came up for was to try and comment. And now u can't delete comments.
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