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    I used spotify for streaming audio to my room before and only the audio from spotify not any other PC sounds, this all assumes windows 10 is being used. 1) You need a virtual audio device that can be used as a input, for this case I use Virtual Audio Cable (VB-Cable) 2) You need broadcasting software, for this I use "butt", it just works 3) You need a place to broadcast to, there are multiple options for this, I personally use a icecast server (I host my own one on my pc since I just use it for friends) Then what you do is this 1) Start playing your audio, then open "sound settings", go down to "app volume and device preferences", you then set "output" to your virtual audio cable, eg for spotify. 2) On your broadcast software select input as the virtual audio cable 3) Broadcast You will only hear what you are playing through 3dx but thats how I do it. Edit: You can use other third party programs (I think audio router is one) to do this but they dont work as nicely
  2. I dont suppose one can volunteer to test so that they can use this feature ?
  3. This looks super exciting, any chance of chat logging ?
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