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  1. Come party this Halloween at a detailed recreation of the Overlook Hotel from the movie The Shining. MacyD will be spinning the tunes while the Grady Twins work to convince you to stay forever..... Beginning October 31st 8PM (GMT-4)
  2. When I go to load or save the file dialog menu when I switch to details only has options for Name, Size, Type and Last Access. It really should have Date Modified rather than Last Access. Water Level keeps resetting to it's default. It will stay if I change it, save the changes then re-load the room from the new saved file. Otherwise it will remain where I set it until the next time I log out and back in again, then other changes to the room show but the water level goes back to default.
  3. Sketchup supports a number of different output file types. Your best chance is to search for any apps that convert to world file format from other formats and then see if that format is one that Sketchup can generate. I tried searching on this in google but it would substitute world with word. You may need to use advanced search to weed out word file related results. I would be interested in your results, I have been wanting to learn Sketchup for other projects.
  4. Often when selecting objects one or more of them will jump to a new location when no dragging or resizing has been performed and clicking undo does not move the objects back where they were. A number of times now after spending a lot of time in World Editor when I try to exit 3DXChat it blue screens Windows. The first time this happened I had made a lot of changes, saved them then exited the game. I found later that the world file had been written with all null values and all my changes were lost.
  5. I would find it very useful to group objects together to form an item then saving that group as a custom object I could apply by selecting from the menu rather than rebuilding or copying/moving from another location. For repetitive tasks it would be a huge time saver.
  6. Thank you for posting your pics Celi. This room just feels so warm and inviting.
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