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  1. Hey @BellaCheeks I am not saying I am the builder you seek, but this is my catalogue Alexa Darkness's Content - 3dxModz These are some of the venues I have designed in the past NUDE CLUB ALIEN 3DX - Finish Clubs/Bars - 3dxModz Alexa's Nudist Colony Starship - Finish Clubs/Bars - 3dxModz Alexa's Castle - Finish Clubs/Bars - 3dxModz The following are just buildings Alexa's Dual Skinned Cabin - Finish Homes - 3dxModz Alexa's Dual Skinned House - Finish Homes - 3dxModz This gives you an Idea of what I can do...
  2. @Nymhave you ever considered setting up a Wanted Section... Where people can request something they wants, and builders can can try build. As a free contest, whoever gets the most downloads from the Wanted Section is the Winner
  3. @BellaCheeksdid you find one of those Builders you were looking for
  4. I know.... but it possible to get discord plugins for websites like this
  5. When you have discord, why do you need Live Chat..?
  6. Even though it was nice to come 3rd place in the Design Contest for the DJ Deck and even though Shay connected with me via discord... I never received my prize... So i don't see a point in entering another design contest.
  7. i guess the best thing we builders can do, is to try and space out our hi-spec objects, not placing everything in one spot.
  8. My 3rd Place DJ console had flashing lights all around... not just the deck... I have a version of it in my current Club which is around 1700KB and I have had as many as 70 guests.... and those who kept crashing, told me it was because their PC's were not powerful enough... But I know someone who has a i5 laptop with 4GB of ram, and she was fine without the 64bit version
  9. Since the start of the Modz Build Competition #2, there have been quite a lot of updates to the game. With lots of new objects & textures to build with, including some bug fixes. The problem is, those who entered early, could be at a disadvantage compared to those with access to all the new improvements. Although I had to pull out of Club Build, since all the new updates, I have many interesting improvements to my NUDE CLUB design.
  10. I have experienced something similar... for me its a conflicting object. As soon as I remove the object, its solved. Hence I now build in increments, so if I find a bug like you have unfortunately found, I can roll back to an earlier version.
  11. Good News... the latest 3DX update seems to have fixed my problem. I believe I can now save my worlds directly with 3DX chat directly. (touch wood this lasts)
  12. Hi, was wondering if you will be updating your 3DX Import Export program soon?


    Since the recent game update to 2.6 I have been unable to login to the server with your program.  And unfortunately I am unable to load world files via game client, due to my Anti-Virus software being a tad over protective.

  13. Does anyone know if Tamara is updating her 3DX Import Export program..? because after the recent 3DX Chat update/server change... I am unable to login to my 3DX Chat account via her program.
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