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  1. I hope I get my prize this time, unlike the last 3DXModz Competition
  2. I almost forgot... I designed the Velvet Devil Dancers logo that you used in your club... Dear Judges, please do not use the fact that @OliverX did not declare something that I designed against him. The Velvet Devil Dancers use that logo at all venues they are asked to perform at.
  3. I think I noticed a touch of my font in there @Sam Smexy
  4. NALLEY TOWER.world Something for the Judges to download
  5. So last month Nalley the co-founder of Velvet asked me design her a Rooftop venue to celebrate her birthday. So I got to work on this venue I called Nalley Tower. So with the Construction out of the way, so the Party started And Yes I do have my own style of design And I did say it was a Roof Top Did I hear something about Videos Nalley Tower 1.mp4 Nalley Tower 2.mp4 Nalley Tower 3.mp4 Nalley Tower 5.mp4 Nalley Tower 4.mp4
  6. Hey @BellaCheeks I am not saying I am the builder you seek, but this is my catalogue Alexa Darkness's Content - 3dxModz These are some of the venues I have designed in the past NUDE CLUB ALIEN 3DX - Finish Clubs/Bars - 3dxModz Alexa's Nudist Colony Starship - Finish Clubs/Bars - 3dxModz Alexa's Castle - Finish Clubs/Bars - 3dxModz The following are just buildings Alexa's Dual Skinned Cabin - Finish Homes - 3dxModz Alexa's Dual Skinned House - Finish Homes - 3dxModz This gives you an Idea of what I can do...
  7. @Nymhave you ever considered setting up a Wanted Section... Where people can request something they wants, and builders can can try build. As a free contest, whoever gets the most downloads from the Wanted Section is the Winner
  8. @BellaCheeksdid you find one of those Builders you were looking for
  9. I know.... but it possible to get discord plugins for websites like this
  10. When you have discord, why do you need Live Chat..?
  11. Even though it was nice to come 3rd place in the Design Contest for the DJ Deck and even though Shay connected with me via discord... I never received my prize... So i don't see a point in entering another design contest.
  12. i guess the best thing we builders can do, is to try and space out our hi-spec objects, not placing everything in one spot.
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