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  1. Even though it was nice to come 3rd place in the Design Contest for the DJ Deck and even though Shay connected with me via discord... I never received my prize... So i don't see a point in entering another design contest.
  2. i guess the best thing we builders can do, is to try and space out our hi-spec objects, not placing everything in one spot.
  3. My 3rd Place DJ console had flashing lights all around... not just the deck... I have a version of it in my current Club which is around 1700KB and I have had as many as 70 guests.... and those who kept crashing, told me it was because their PC's were not powerful enough... But I know someone who has a i5 laptop with 4GB of ram, and she was fine without the 64bit version
  4. Since the start of the Modz Build Competition #2, there have been quite a lot of updates to the game. With lots of new objects & textures to build with, including some bug fixes. The problem is, those who entered early, could be at a disadvantage compared to those with access to all the new improvements. Although I had to pull out of Club Build, since all the new updates, I have many interesting improvements to my NUDE CLUB design.
  5. I have experienced something similar... for me its a conflicting object. As soon as I remove the object, its solved. Hence I now build in increments, so if I find a bug like you have unfortunately found, I can roll back to an earlier version.
  6. Good News... the latest 3DX update seems to have fixed my problem. I believe I can now save my worlds directly with 3DX chat directly. (touch wood this lasts)
  7. Does anyone know if Tamara is updating her 3DX Import Export program..? because after the recent 3DX Chat update/server change... I am unable to login to my 3DX Chat account via her program.
  8. the only good thing, is I am able to login each day to get my daily allowance. However server will kick me after a minute. A lot of my friends on 3DX Chat are from MnF Club, which just released a MMMF 4some pose, plus increased sex level up to level 14, so guess where I am.
  9. As I use 2 slightly different fonts in my NUDE CLUB, I have decided to upload the second FONT called NUDE CLUB ABC
  10. Whenever my friends want a house, I tend to simply upgrade the default house. Remove the dividing wall... for a large lounge/sitting room... adding 1 or 2 extra bedrooms for entertainment purposes... and I am sure VincentWega was my friend at some point
  11. Oh really, you have been to my NUDE CLUB... of course that was version 2... I am currently working on NUDE CLUB version 3
  12. I noticed there is only one font here https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/files/category/24-word-fonts/ So I was wondering who or where I should send my own Font design. These pictures demonstrate what they look like... Of course any player who has already been to my NUDE CLUB is already of my Rules
  13. Thank you all for your input. But in the end, I have had to resort to uploading to OneDrive, then installing on via my Surface tablet using the program Ayon recommended in the beginning This has of course made me refine my skills, as this process means I have to Exit 3DX Chat before uploading & testing my update designs. Once again thank you everyone
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