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  1. Привет) я не понимаю, как установить Tatto Felini 4.0.1-test 3-4. 0. 1 4.0.1, но у меня его нет на себе и в Редакторе? объясните, почему я все делаю так, как вы написали)

  2. Felinia


    Tell me there is a new Pandora ... I'm freaking out looking for it
  3. Not everyone has the DLL, but it is always better to add something to anyone who has it, try to do it Maybe with a picture I explain better Felinia
  4. Auto Translate @AlexRyder but... one moment... I was wondering if it was possibile to create a DLL. In sex positions, you can use Freeze (i do not remember which key you can do) I was wondering if it was possible to create a DLL that stops (Freeze) the dance (Dance 1 2 3 4 5 ecc) or the dance of the couple (slowdance - kiss - behind - facetoface) +DLL To change Military patches (stain? - Spots? ) +DLL To make the dark beard (without becoming red fire) Is Alex Right now? Felinia
  5. Ho un'idea per una nuova DLL. Nelle posizioni sesso, si puo utilizzare il Freeze ( non ricordo con quale tasto è possibile farlo ) Mi chiedevo se fosse possibile creare una DLL che ferma ( Freeze ) il ballo ( Dance 1/2/3/4/5/...ecc. ) o il ballo di coppia ( Slowdance - Kiss - Behind - FaceToFace ) Felinia
  6. Good morning everyone and good Saturday. Any new program or dll? ** News? Felinia
  7. Unfortunately, I fear that slowness does not depend on the skill or the programmer, I think they take a long time just because they earn so much money, and do not want to pay programmers who are capable only to earn them. Moreover, 3DX will be emptied as soon as there is already another game in circulation Unfortunately, I'm sorry only because 3DX is nice, but as speed bring us a lot, it is a beta, but it is too slow to update!
  8. Sorry, my google translator is very BAD! Does anyone who knows Gizmo can not ask if they can put on the clothes I asked first? Felinia
  9. I know that last year, in halloween, they put in 3dx a transparent light that colored the avatars (now the light that colors the avatar is pink / fuxia and not transparent) can you add this option to the dll? Felinia
  10. Good Sunday to all 3dxModz users! Kisses Felinia
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