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  1. ROBB

    son güncelemede oyunu yukliyemiyorum bana yardımcı olurmusunuz

  2. To all the members of 3DXModz. The year 2020 has been a tough one for everyone in this global community and I know a lot of you have found comfort in your friendships within 3DX this year when RL friends and family were isolated from you. I am super proud 3DXmodz can be part of that friendship with you all. So lets never forget about 2020 but lets all look ahead to 2021 and find as much joy in this new year as we can. From 3DXModz to all its members, have an amazing holiday season, be safe, be naughty and above all....Smile I will be trave
  3. did you update the game with the new patch that came out this week?
  4. Hi Bella You should be able to click the discord box on the right side of the home page, that will invite you to the server
  5. Hi Bella, did you try asking for a builders help on the Modz Community Discord?
    Well done by the Charlie Vogue team, another great read!!
  6. Game Keys have been sent to the Winners
  7. Congratulations to Molove1, VanessaVixxxy and Kote23 for winning 12 months 3DXChat game keys. I’ll send you the Keys tonight when I get home. Massive thank you to Kemistry and her team at Virtual Sugar for supporting the Modz team and running the draw. There will be more game keys to give away soon
  8. Ok the Poll is closed. Winners will be drawn later today Good Luck to all the entered
  9. HI all Just a reminder that entry for the 3DXChat keys giveaway close tomorrow. Also to confirm, the Winners will be drawn at the Virtual Sugar event on the 22nd of October at CEST 21:00 DJ DyllanD will be announcing the Winners live at the event!! Unfortunately time zones mean I will be driving to work when this is happening so i can not attend, But Kemistry will send me the winners names and I will send the Keys to them via a private message here on the website
  10. Hi Hristo Highlight the group of objects you want to rotate and make sure "Pivot setting is set to "Center" This will allow all the items in the group to rotate together. Whenever you enter the Editor, its set to "Pivot" by default....you must always remember to change this Regards Nym
  11. TatyTh

    Hello Nym, I have already downloaded world files.
    The problem is that now Google Edge takes over when saving files and saves in HTML.
    I don't understand why I can't record in World anymore, can you help me?
    Thanks, Taty.



    1. Nym


      I think this is a Microsoft edge problem.

      This what i found when i googled it   https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftedge/forum/all/sender-sends-pdf-files-and-when-i-save-they-are/fed3284f-62f0-4628-a215-c3f306f17053


      Have you tried downloading from the Modz site with a different browers?

    2. TatyTh


      I am using google chrome and everything was working before updating Edge, the problem is with Edge taking control.
      I tried to erase Edge from my computer but it doesn't work.
      I'll update my computer before Edge takes over and see if it works

  12. No sorry its not possible unless the Devs Add it tp the game.
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