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  1. Click the symbol at the bottom left of screen next to Character Editor
  2. Nym

    Tattoo Test Female

    Yes that is correct. The Mod changes the Skin on your local computer...so if you install the Modz Even female AVI in game will have the tatoos.
  3. Nym

    Tattoo Test Female

    Make sure you put the Modz in "3DXChat_Data" folder Then double click the Mod in the file and run it. It will install itself
  4. Nym

    Tattoo Test Female

    HA, BETTY has Tattoos!!!!
  5. Nym

    Tattoo Test Female

    Come on Slut how about a small blue butterfly on the left hip...for us....shy types!!!!! Thinks i need to convince Slut to change her name...my gran will slap me for calling her that!!!
  6. Nym

    Tattoo Test Female

    Just a Note for people wanting to use this Modz. Currently there is no options, to turn off the Modz, so if you install it ..... you will have Tattoos as shown in the pictures. There is not options to select or pick and choose which ones you want.. Maybe if enough people send Hugs to Slut...she will give you options for these thing
    Love it, thank you Slut!!!
  7. OMG, I need to make a female ALT to try this.... Thank you Slut for making this Modz...I know lots of people have been asking for Tattoos for years Now i am sure you are going to be overwhelmed with Tattoo requests!!!!! Nym
  8. Hi gr3g0ry2121 The transform tool will not work with Grouped items, it only works with Single items. If you want to align a "group" to an XYZ point...place another single block at the point and then drag the group to that point.
  9. Nym

    TattooTest (11).png

    Wow looks amazing Slut Exactly what the game needs!!!!
  10. Nym

    The Museum Party

    He all there is another party coming to 3DX!! The Museum is having its opening party this weekend and i have been lucky enough to have seen inside it and its awesome. I look forward to seeing you all there!
  11. Good luck Tere and if you get a reply let us all know what they say
  12. Hi Tere, I totally agree that as paying customers we all deserve to have a game that has minimal bugs. But just to remind you and the Modz community...the Modz forums is not officially supported my 3DXChat and I doubt the Devs even read these forums. So you are welcome to voice your opinions here at anytime But if you want the 3DXCHat Devs to hear what you have to say, its best posted on the 3DXChat forums .
  13. Hi Lolly, The Modz forums do not support pirated version of 3DXChat sorry.
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