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  1. Nym

    Tattoo Test Female

    Cheers Slut Will leave this Modz Visible, maybe you will find a new something to amaze us all with!!
  2. Hi pamelaforyouu if you have downloaded a .world file from the Modz site to use in game. Once Downloaded...just got to the World Editor, top left click FIle,...then Upload file...Browse to the .world file you just downloaded on your computer and then it will up load into you room in game. Remember to save you room if you have made modifications to it before hand This Video maybe of help as well
  3. Nym

    New to 3DXModz

    Hi Vector88 Unfortunately no, you can only use the poses in found in game. There is currently no way to Modz more poses into the game. The Game Devs do keep an eye on the community and now we have the 64bit version of the game and updates seem to be coming regularly it doesn't hurt to ask the Devs for certain poses.
  4. Yes its on the drawing board to look into
  5. Not everyone uses Discord
    Looks Awesome thank you for sharing Felinia
  6. Hi all With the New website being tested i wanted to give you all an opportunity to have input as to what its features will be used on the new site. So this small poll lets you vote on the things you like/use most on the Modz website I am sure i will think up more questions and will add them as I do Please feel free to comment below if there are additional things you would like to see on the site!! Nym
  7. Lower the ocean level by typing a number greater than -50 in to the Ocean level Box in the Editor settings (-65 for example) Then select your whole build and lower it down to the ocean level. YES, its SLOW, if you have a slower computer it might crash the game as you try and Move thousands of props at one time....But If you are Patience, it can be done....I have waited several minutes watching my computer "Think" but it works... Remember your computer "Thinking" while you are doing this doesn't mean its crashed the game...go make a coffee and let your computer process them move. if you"Reallllly"l want to do this and can not get it to work, send me a PM here on the forums with the .world file and i can do it for you
  8. there is now a drop down box you can use to hide names in your room. Its in the settings tab under Game
  9. Click the symbol at the bottom left of screen next to Character Editor
  10. Nym

    Tattoo Test Female

    Yes that is correct. The Mod changes the Skin on your local computer...so if you install the Modz Every female AVI in game will have the tatoos.
  11. Nym

    Tattoo Test Female

    Make sure you put the Modz in "3DXChat_Data" folder Then double click the Mod in the file and run it. It will install itself
  12. Nym

    Tattoo Test Female

    HA, BETTY has Tattoos!!!!
  13. Nym

    Tattoo Test Female

    Come on Slut how about a small blue butterfly on the left hip...for us....shy types!!!!! Thinks i need to convince Slut to change her name...my gran will slap me for calling her that!!!
  14. Nym

    Tattoo Test Female

    Just a Note for people wanting to use this Modz. Currently there is no options, to turn off the Modz, so if you install it ..... you will have Tattoos as shown in the pictures. There is not options to select or pick and choose which ones you want.. Maybe if enough people send Hugs to Slut...she will give you options for these thing
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