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  1. Nym


    Thank you for building this Ivee, I know one of the members requested it, Nym
  2. Nym


    Just updating this post as a few people in the game have asked me about this. Pandora No longer Exists. The Code changes to the game removed the ability for Pandora to work.
  3. Hi All This thread is now being closed up and if anyone directly involved wants to discuss any of this further, you are welcome to send me a private message here on the forums. Although I have a burning desire to respond to what's been said above there is no point. I really do hope the winners receive their prize money as promised. I hope you let us know if you do...or not, that's up to the individual Winners. I am removing Shay and Chasan from the Modz Website and I wish them both well with their new adventures. But the public sharing of private information about Modz members ...well it's just stupid. Nym
  4. Thas a kitchen to feed a party of people
  5. Nym

    2019-05-02 21-18-29_495755.png

    wow super kool. Love the desgin
  6. Hi Nitro Thank you for confirming that you have received your prize which I believe was a paid subscription Key. I agree with you Nitro and also Manyasha that this is ugly. But I would prefer to look ugly in the face and call it for what it is rather... than it hiding in PMs that achieve nothing. I look forward to more of the competition winners posting here and providing confirmation that they have also received their prizes as well.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Hi This Video gives you a basic guide on how to use Tamara's WorldPicture Modz. The Modz link below Enjoy Nym Modz How To_Tamara World Picture.mov
  8. To the Winners of the 2nd building competition that are still awaiting their prize money, it would seem Chasan wishes you to contact him directly to claim your prize as has asked the Modz site stay out of It. Shay has given you his contact details so please feel free to contact him via email. Or here on theModz forums by sending a personal message to DCharlesHollar. This thread will remain open as I am sure more people will want to have their input.
  9. So I can assume your answer Chasan regarding paying the Winners is - No?
  10. Well, it's nice to know someone is talking to Chasan. Can you ask him when the Winners will receive their money as he promised?
  11. Hi Dallas I appreciate your feedback and I am glad you still consider Chasan an honorable person. I did too once. Your friendship with him I trust will help speed up the process in receiving your winnings that he promised. Regarding the Website, if you think inheriting the mess left after the second build competition is rewarding then yes I am taking on the bad. The previous owner made promises and ran. I truly hope that bring this issue to the public forum might actually see you receive what you were promised instead of it lingering around in PMs and false hope.
  12. Hi All This post is to provide information to the Modz community regarding the recent events involving the ownership of the Modz Website and the recent Building Competition. Modz ownership The Modz website was originally started by Chasan (who had various names) and with the help of AlexRyder and Ayon (aka me). We started with the idea to create a platform where files could be shared with all the users. These files included Modz, Build files and Galleries in addition to your standard forum layout. The current Modz website went live back in October 2017. In early February 2019, Chasan suddenly decided to leave as the owner of the site and was about to let the Modz website close. I approached AlexRyder and asked him if he can migrate the Website to a new host so we can keep the website open, to which he agreed. Chasan provided the necessary backend information to allow the transfer and then had Shay to delete his Modz account. Due to possible changes to the 3DXChat code as shown in the release of the 64bit version of 3DXChat. This will remove any opportunity for Modz to even exist in game anymore… So AlexRyder and I have been in discussion over the past few months regarding the direction of the Modz website. Alex has expressed to me he how has less interested in staying actively involved due to the code changes So, Alex and I are in the process of transferring the Modz website to a new hosting service that will be maintained and paid for by myself. This transfer is expected to take a month or so to complete and I will keep you all informed on that process. Building Competition. I have spoken with a few of the Winners of the competition over the past few days and it would seem 3 months after it the competition finished, and to the best of my knowledge, no one has received their prize money. As I mentioned above, Chasan suddenly decided to remove all his involvement in the Modz website in February this year and had Shay delete his account. Because he was leaving, I asked Chasan directly if he still intended to provide the prize money, he had promised for the 2nd Building competition…otherwise, I was going to cancel the competition. To which he responded he would. Well, 3 months later it seems we have all been lied to. The prize money was coming directly from Chasan as he had done so for the 1st Building Competition some time ago. Although now I am suspect there was never any prize money available for the 2nd Competition. As Shay was directly involved in running the competition, AlexRyder and I did not get to involved until there was drama around the Winners at the end. To date the only information, I have regarding payments to Winners is a message from Shay back on the 29th March saying, “there is a party in the works for the winners”. What does that mean? I do not know. But it seems since Shay and Chasan have run away from their responsibility’s regarding the competition and it’s now up to others to clean up their mess. So to clarify a few things. 1. The prize money offered by Chasan was his own personal money that I do not believe ever existed in the first place. However, he told all of us…it did! 2. Shay was removed as an Administrator if the Modz Website because openly lying to all of us is not what the Modz Admin team is about. 3. To the best of my knowledge, there has been a lot of talk and promises made by Shay and Chasan to the winners, but 3 months later none of the winners have received their prize money. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of us have been taken advantage of and all I can do is apologize to all those involved. I am happy to call a “spade a spade” and say, I do not believe Shay and Chasan ever intended to pay anyone their prize money. It would seem 3 months after the competition has ended…. that is the sad truth. If you are a competition winner and wish to peruse this further, you already have the direct contact details for Chasan that Shay provided you and you need to keep contacting Chasan. I believe Chasan is Still active in 3DXChat and you can get his new Avi name from Shay. Shay can be contacted here on the Modz site or in-game. I also believe Shay and Chasan are starting a new website so you can contact them there as well. If you would like my involvement to peruse them, you can contact me directly via a PM here on the Modz site as well as I am happy to help but the prize Money for the competition was coming directly from Chasan. I would also like to add, Lexzia was removed as an Admin of the Website purely because it is easier moving forward with the transfer of the website. Lexzia has been a good friend for a very long time and her involvement and dedication to the Modz website has been amazing. I thank her deeply for her involvement in the Modz Website to date and into the future. Final thoughts As I mentioned above the Modz Website will be transferred to a new hosting service over the next few months and I am in discussion with web designers now and we are working on concepts for a facelift for the website. There is new content planned, and I will let you know more over the next couple of months. However, the Modz Website will always remain a platform for you to share and find creations made by players for players. That will never change. AlexRyder and I have always maintained an open and honest relationship with the Modz community and although we have had drama on the Modz Website before has always been minimal and we have tried to deal with it quickly and openly. We are both huge supporters of frank and open dialogue, so if you have something constructive to add to this discussion please feel free to post your comments below. Nym
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Hi all This video shows you how to upload a File from the forum to 3DXChat. post below if you have any further questions or video requests. How to Upload File.mov
  14. Yes if you face away from an object that's giving you lag it will stop the lag. Often if I am in a room that I get Lag in sometimes you can move your camera around and find a sweetspot....sometimes that might be directly above you. Yes, unfortunately, we can not build for everyone using a 2GB RAM 32bit computer from 2004
  15. Hi Dallas Great question and one a builder should consider every when they build a room. Katsu is right in that the 64bit version of the game will help with lag but a lot of us have been using 64bit for a while now via Alex Modz so its kind of already tested. My advice when building a room....first you have to ask yourself what are you building!! If its a house for you and a few friends then 1500kb is fine, if its a nightclub and you want 100+ people there...keep it below 700kb Also a note on the file size. Every object you add to your room adds to the file Size (the actual physical Size of the build has little to do with it) So, Small details dramatic increases File Size so you have to ask yourself...Do I really need to make the most awesome DJ console for my night club with 150 buttons and flashing lights....that is 230KB!!! or do it just use the default DJ console because...only the DJ will see it anyways. I have seen night clubs where a builder has spent....days creating the most amazing feature on the roof...but in 3DX...hardly anyone looks up!! I have seen night clubs where the builder has hand made 300 different bottles for the Bar....no one is sitting at the bar. I have seen houses where the builders has made the full internal workings of an oven then....closed the door so you can not see it. Lag does restrict us and it varies greatly depending for every user and what their computer can handle. As a builder, you need to learn to manage your build and put in the details where it will have the most effect. Nym
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