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  1. Feed back from members Seems members want the ability to sell items as a single exclusive sale as well as sell the items an unlimited amount of times. This will require the purchase of a Commerce App...I'll start looking into it
  2. Hi all Some of you will have seen my announcement on the Modz Discord channel about this topic, but for those that did not... here is whats happening For a long time member have requested the Modz site to have the ability to be sell content. I have never been against the Idea... more against the drama that might come along with it. However I have have decided to give a Merchant system a go and make it available to the Modz Membership. I invited MCU Discord members to give feedback and I am now inviting Modz Site Members to also give feedback about this. Please feel free to post your thoughts in this thread. Here is how the Modz Merchant System will work (as of me posting this and is subject to change!!! ) There is a lot of ways this could work, but basically...it comes down to what Commerce system the Web engine supports. There are additional Plugins i can purchase to enhance the system...like adding the ability for auctions. But for now we will use the base Commerce system. So if you would like to propose a new idea in this thread...just keep in mind i am limited by the Web sites commerce capability. To start with...a few selected members (2 or 3) will be invited to advertise their products on the site. This is to allow for more testing because i need to ensure the system is robust. Over time, I will open up the Merchant system to more people to allow them to offer their products to the community. I will create a separate post for these "Modz Merchants" as there will be detailed explanation given to them on how the system works and Terms and Conditions they need to agree with. But the basics are this: There will be a separate category set up in where only Modz Merchants can post products for sale at a price they choose. 3DXModz Members will have access to purchase these products from these Merchant through the Modz site. The Modz site will collect a commission of a sale to cover the cost of making this facility available to the Membership. Currently commission is set to 30% All purchases by Modz Members and payment to Modz Merchants will be done via PayPal You do not need a PayPal account to purchase from the Merchant as PayPal accepts Cards. You WILL need a PayPal account to be Mod Merchant Once the transaction has been completed, the site will allow you to receive/download the purchase. Now why I still have you attention, i want to quickly cover TAX As I live within the Australia TAX system... I am not required to collect GST/VAT/TAX on these purchases because they are less than AUD$1000 (I will limit the max amount per item) and I am not exceeding AUD$75,000 revenue per year. So there will be no tax on these purchases. However if you live in a country...that you think you will be required to pay a form of tax for a purchase...please let me know and i will look into it. But i doubt the Australian Tax office will want me to collect GST/VAT/TAX for foreign entities Now to be clear, the above is about purchases....not Merchant Payment. That will be discussed with each Merchant. Ok, as for "Selling Content" and the issues/concerns around that. The 3DXModz web site is making the system available to its membership and Modz Merchants have the ability to sell their content. The site is just providing a place and system for the transactions to happen safely. All purchases are recorded and are traceable on the site by the Member and Merchant, in addition too invoices being emailed out to everyone involved. Free content: This will always be available and existing free content that is currently free on the site...will remain free...including the ability for people to post free content. Do not think if you have existing content on the site you will be able to become a Modz Merchant and Move it all over to the Merchant section...I will not allow it. The Merchant system is for New content only. Now as for copyright, and i am going to be blunt about this... If you want to sell your Nike Shoes on the site...you are welcome to If you have a Game account on a popular MMO and have Bad Ass Armour and 10Bil gold in your bank and want to sell your account here...you are welcome to if you have created something that can be uploaded into a game and want to sell it here...you are welcome to. This site is facilitating a transaction only...I will be expecting Modz Merchants and Modz Members whom make a transaction to understand this explicitly. You do so at your own risk. There are check and balances in place in the back ground for me to watch over the transactions and Merchants will be screened/interviewed....by me! Time frame for all this to happen. Currently a wonderful friend of mine is helping me test the commerce system and because it takes 5 to 7 days for Paypal to clear funds we are waiting for that to happen to complete the first test of the system. Once i am happy that I know how the system works i will invite 1 or 2 more people to be Merchants. I am hoping that will happen around the 19th of July..maybe a bit sooner and a few items will be available for purchase to allow more testing. I am aiming for the end of July to have the system working and slowly growing from there. I am tentative about the growth of the Merchant System because currently it seems that there is more "Manual" button clicking in the back ground than i expected to complete a transaction...its not as simple as i had hoped. But i will monitor it So that is it for now. I will up date this post as required. Please add your comments below, i am happy to hear all ideas. but remember i am limited by the sites available commerce system P.s .I love talking about TAX...so TAX me up BBY!!!! Regards Nym
  3. Hi papabear My advice is to stop building for now while we are all on the Test server. I am sure your problem has to do with the the way the servers are communicating with your client. 3DXChat Devs Lisa and Gizmo have just given us a place to party, chat and well "you know"... while they fix the servers. You should consider the World Editor...Broken...until the new servers are up and running. regards Nym
  4. Speak with Alivia https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/profile/160-alivia/
  5. link to her Blog https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/topic/111-rochi-25-world-editor-download/
  6. https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/files/category/101-erotes-magazine/
  7. Awesome you can do lots of great things with these sphere Enjoy the journey
  8. Thanks Amy, I have seen this bug in game as well. Its like the changed the default size of the bowl prop which has changed the size slightly of all the existing ones used.
  9. You are welcome, be sure to let us all know how its coming along of if you need more help
  10. Hi Neithx Here is how i would do it Have two blocks and spread them apart the distance you want the size of the sphere to be. In this case 40m Group them Copy and rotate the block in even steps using the step tool until you have a circle Copy and rotate the circles using the step tool to form your sphere your sphere I would then remove the center 2 or 3 rows as there are a lot of blocks their overlapping and are not needed. These holes can be then filled with a single round Block or filled in with something I have left the gaps between the block to show how the sphere is made...these can be removed by "Scaling" the blocks together once the first circle is made (Picture 3) Some notes You should practice this method a few time before trying to make the sphere you want to use. Consider how big you want the sphere The smaller the blocks the smoother the sphere will be. BUT it will be a much larger file size. When starting out make sure the first two block (picture 1) have their pivot point facing down (or up) so when you complete the circle the line up evenly I hope this helps cheers Nym
  11. Hi there All of 3DX is currently down because of a DDOS attack against the servers. Keep an eye on this forum as its separate from the 3DX servers and people will let you know when 3DXChat is up and running again
  12. Strange, it works for me.
  13. Nym

    improve the game

    Hi Nina I believe Gizmo and Lisa may visit this forum from time to time, you are best to contact Lisa directly on the 3DXChat official Discord channel with your proposal if you want a fast response. This Link will get you to the 3DXChat official Discord Server https://discord.gg/JegmH2m The Server does not allow you to talk to Lisa/Gizmo publicly but if you right click on Lisa's name you can see an option to "Message" her Directly Let me know if you need more help and feel free to share your project idea here on the Modz forums Best of luck, Regards Nym Modz Admin
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