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  1. If you build a airport but there are no airplanes landing...it wont help much to install a tower
  2. Ty Ayon. I hope the whole situation will escalate now. It makes no sense to give players a tool to desing and everybody can steal designed stuff.
  3. Today the next room from greemio was stolen. Tbh... we flame those poeple..but what make it even worse are the troll poster at the worldchat. Posting hours and hours per day and saying nothing with it. It is just not possible to talk or to discuss (dont get me wrong..I like fun too). The room stealing is going to be a problem. More and more people are leaving and stop to design.....
  4. Would be great to see this tool working again. It was quite handy and helpfull
  5. Was not able to use the black color ingame anymore since the last update(clothes/editor). So I decided to use the registry clean of 3dx and re-installed the game. Well now it works. I can use the real true black again. But I lost all the color pallette even the one I had saved with the character at a different folder. There seems to be relationship between the registry and the ingame colors. Am I correct?
  6. Thank you Rob....not sure if I should ask gizmo. The world editor gives new possibilities and I have seen some object here at the modzs section for downloading.
  7. Not knowing it. Was wondering regarding some objects related to beast-porn (sex with animals/animal sex) are allowed at 3DX? E.g. blowing a hourse cock. Tbh. Thought it is not allowed. Anybody has information for me? Regards, ICA
  8. Seems to be a bug with grouped objects. When you place them not in a 90degree angle regarding the floor, the world-editor resizes and re-scales objects of the grouped items. It happens automatically when you load your saved room.
  9. Thank you for sorting Chloe. Coz I am a fan of this tool, I had to test the new version straight. Was asking cause people are saying ingame, that the file-size of a room is related to get lags or not, when you make a room public and it is crowded. Something like a room should not be bigger than 500kb. But I think it is more related to textures and lights in a room.
  10. All the good points peeps mentioned here before. Hope there will come a fix for the room object scaling bug. Somehow the editor re-scale/re-size objects a little bit. It happens when you load a room.
  11. Hey Cloe, tested the new version. But somehow it makes the files bigger. From 565kb to 651kb after running it. Strange... Any Idea? Ica
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