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  1. until
  2. until
  3. Yes I know this... is a bit ago but I can remember good.... its always the same
  4. chloe


  5. Never invite people directly from the editor. If you do so, they will see the old version and you the new one. First jump into your own room so it gets saved to the server and than invite somebody to it.
  6. until
    DJ Xanar, DJ MikeyDee, DJ Felia in the mix. The BUNKER has a brand new back and outside area and the dance floor itself was slightly modernized.
  7. Looking forward to it \o/
  8. Lovely place.... I don't know the original location but what I saw on images this is very good virtual version of it! Awesome build BIA
  9. chloe



    Thank you Mia KISS
  10. chloe


    MILLIWAYS DJ JessicaX, DJ Makkye, DJ Backfire, DJ Knetic and DJ Chloe in the mix LIVE!
  11. Next version will have the possibility to add a watermark to a world file to give room thieves a harder nut to crush ^^
  12. You are using an old version. Please download and install the latest version from here.
  13. I try to fix that soon... seems that thex changed the colors from int to float? Can somebody verify this?
  14. Hmm... I check this if I am home again. Currently I am in the hospital. I wonder why you have a float color value.
  15. You can use it as an indicater... like the number of objects too. But there are a difference if you have just blocks or more complex objects. And sure lights and animated objects cost performance too.
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