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  1. Well that was fast and works perfect again. Thank you so much.
  2. Good to know. Happy to answer any questions.
  3. After further study, the problem is the selected parts are not holding their current positions. They save but all are at 0,0,0 coordinates and piled one on top of the other. It must be the new transform thing that is causing the mess up. Irregardless, it needs fixed. 1.world
  4. The update 373 has disabled the 'save selected to file' option. It saves a file, but the file is empty.
  5. Hi TamaraX, Can you fix this so we can move items/rooms in a negative x,y,z? Thank you, Jen
  6. The letters are from slut and I did the numbers ... shirk or expand at will on center. ABCs Enlarged.world
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