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  1. TamaraX

    Fire & Ice - Logo

    A work for a friend. She wanted to have a logo for her room.
  2. Hi, I have no clue. It is a normal C++ application, using Qt.... never got any of those problems.... may Norton does not like it, as it has no certificates from any global vendor?
  3. TamaraX

    Retro Build - The Castle

    Hi, one of my first creations from 2017, the pre WorldEdit era, where building was only possible with furniture and a lot of tricks
  4. Finally, a new version is out V2.1.0 The Guide is reworked and hopefully better now, I made some options expert options, so normally, you do not have to take care about them. Also I tried to make possible problems easier to see (e.g. number of elements)
  5. Hi, can you give me a bit more details?
  6. If you think, this should be easier, talk to the creators of 3dx. Gizmo is the one, who can add this feature in the game. I can only use, what is possible with the game and try to make it usable. There are tutorials, on how to use the tool, yes, in English. English is also not my native language, but as German would be readable by less people, that would be worse. If you can't use the tool, I am sorry....
  7. Hi, what exactly did you do? I think, the upload does not work anymore, so you have to load the world file manually....
  8. Hi, just to mention, import/export does not work atm. I have to dig out the new api.... tam
  9. Hi, was wondering if you will be updating your 3DX Import Export program soon?


    Since the recent game update to 2.6 I have been unable to login to the server with your program.  And unfortunately I am unable to load world files via game client, due to my Anti-Virus software being a tad over protective.

  10. I just wanted to put you in the correct light :-)
  11. TamaraX

    Going Retro - Rebuilding App 1 & 2

    As I wanted to have my old rooms back, I started to rebuild App 1 and App 2 in the original dimensions. Maybe I will also add the world files, so others can use it. I will merge them with my old rooms, but they will need modifications, as the old steps do not work anymore
  12. Hi, As far as I know, there is no way to just upload pics to use thjem directly in the room. This would include uploading the pics to the server and having a way for downloading them to the client and putting them on a texture. I do not think that this would be a too big deal for the devs, but afaik, it does not work atm.
  13. so, after all the time, I had some time to look into it. The pronblem and the reason are clear. I am working on a slolution....
  14. TamaraX

    My Grandma car

  15. CUrrently I am not working on that. But when I extend it, I will think about it.
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