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    On April, 17th it will be time so slip into your leather jacket as we're about to rock again. Jazz and I are expecially happy to present you an extraordinary line up which will pound on your eardrums. But they will not be alone as they'll pair up with pure eyecandy. Expect the "Royals of Rock", a line up of 5 awesome DJs and bands accompanied by 5 gorgeous dance teams to pair up with. In order of appearance: Cicely (Dangerous Divas)/Devil Dancers, DJ Stef DE/Sunshine Girls, Bish/Bare Bunnies, Red Baron Band/Misfits, CardinalCopia/Sirens&Sailors. As if this won't be enough, we'll
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    Hi folks, Already October. Just before you go out for Helloween, Jazz and I are exspecially glad to invite you to our October party. This time we will have a cooperation with White Breeze. Thank you White Breezers for being with us this time. We expect this to be a shitload of fun, so mark the 28th. best regards Jazz&Pan
  5. Hey there, to be honest I feel uncomfortably with the hole idea. Same like exchanging XGOLD among players. This whole attitude to always think about how to make money out of everything makes me puke. If modz become economic I pack my bags and go. If someone thinks the builds done are that greate everyone is free to do as Alivia does and sell this crap on a web-page. I always considered this place an expression of a community idea. That's why I liked to supporte it too, inside of the boundaries of my abilities. But a "marketplace" on this page is something which would repe
  6. Let get back in time to the famous days of Germany's most noticeable club. Enjoy the performance of the Bare Bunnies and the Pole Cats. Music by Chloe, MacyD and Jazz. On stage the Star Club Allstars. You are cordially invited to make a time travel and have a nice party time. See you there Jazz and Pan
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    Eyleen and CardinalCopia are going to rock the purgatory. Special Guest: Sirens&Sailors
  8. Gesetzt den Fall du hast keine Skriptblocker für diese Seite aktiv, gibt es einen Bereich, in den du einfach die world Datei schiebst und einen für die Screenshots. Dann muss du einen Dateinamen geben und einen kleinen Text als Beschreibung. Dann funktioniert das gemeinhin, wenn man den butten zum abschicken klickt.
  9. Hallo Nela, oben rechts im Menü ist eine Schaltfläche "+ create" (gleich neben der Glocke). Da wählst du einfach "file dowload" aus und der Rest erklärt sich dann von selbst. Grüße Pan
  10. until
    Dangerous Divas going to smash the stage at the Fucktory. Supported by the fabulous Sirens dance team.
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