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  1. Noa Botha

    TV modz

    That's very weird. This this happen with other worlds, or only a specific world? Because I can't think of why this would happen. If nothing else works, I could post a pic of what those buttons actually looks like, as the problem for you seem to be that the text isn't showing up.
  2. Noa Botha

    TV modz

    Did you download it from this website or did you use some other source?
    That's actually a very comprehensive guide. The click-through bug has been fixed, and the UI has been updated as well, introducing features such as forwarding the video. Also you no longer need to worry about pressing the Stop-button before playing videos. Thank you Nym for taking time to make the video guide.
  3. Noa Botha

    TV modz

    Unfortunately, that's the il2cpp version of the game. Modding will be halted for 3DX if they decide to go forward with only developing that version of the game. Very unfortunate Aww, yes. It's the il2cpp version. Making modz for it is not going to be easy. You could always use AlexRyder's client if you want 64-bit and use modz.
  4. Noa Botha

    TV modz

    That is very weird. I'm not able to reproduce the problem Are there multiple ways of getting the 64-bit client? I checked with AlexRyder's 64-bit client.
  5. Noa Botha

    TV modz

    Try the last version of the DLL (1.0.4 as of now). It seemed to work for me. Let me know why you think it doesn't work.
  6. Noa Botha

    TV modz

    Tested it just now with the 64-bit version. Seemed to work fine.
  7. Noa Botha

    TV modz

    Just make sure your guests have the dll as well.
  8. Version 1.0.4


    About This File This Modz allows you to play Videos that appear on the TV prop in 3DXCHAT. Anyone who has the Modz will see/hear the videos the owner of the room Videos playing. ### Installation 1. Go to 3DXChat\3DXChat_Data\Managed (Located where you've installed the game. Default path is C:\Games\3DXChat) 2. Backup Assembly-CSharp.dll (Rename it) 3. Download the dll file from bottom of this post and place it into the folder 4. Make sure the new file is called Assembly-CSharp.dll 5. Run 3DXChat ### Controls - Make sure your room has the ingame TV prop. The TV in the default world is not such a TV, you need to actually use the TV object. Place it in your world. It is recommended to only use one TV per room if you're going to play a video with Audio. - When you enter your room, you'll get a "TV Settings" window. I recommend using middle-click to interact with the controls. Any mouse-button should work, but those may act out their usual function. - In the text field at the bottom of the "TV Settings" window, paste a link to the video file. The video file has to be of ".ogv" file format. - Press "On" > "Video"(Pressing the button will load the file in the text field and play it). - Press "Stop" if you want to stop the video and audio. Pressing "Video" button without stopping the previous video may cause trouble. ### Uploading .ogv files You can play any video you're like to. Here are some samples: - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/pv95ie1wto233lm/102317.ogv?dl=0 - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/w72qy9cjf2evu80/96228.ogv?dl=0 - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/gw222a00s7g6yjd/sucker.ogv?dl=0 Paste any of these files in the "TV settings" text field. I recommend using Dropbox to upload videos. Remember to convert the file to .ogv file format. Once uploaded, get the share link. It may look like this: "https://www.dropbox.com/s/pv95ie1wto233lm/102317.ogv?dl=0" Change the "www.dropbox.com" part to "dl.dropboxusercontent.com". The link you paste in the "TV Settings" window should be then be like this: "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/pv95ie1wto233lm/102317.ogv?dl=0" ### Coming features - Volume controls - Video library
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