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  1. Hi! Hey I have a question about uploading stuff. I have like 7 color variations of a vehicle I made. Is it better to upload all as one file, or can I upload them all individually? I'd like to upload as individual files so people can pick their favorite color but I thought I would check first in case this feels spammy. Also I'm assuming adding a screeshot is another step after you choose the .world files to upload, is that correct?
  2. Thanks for the response, I shared some pics, in the Modz Members Build Gallery, actually I thought I WAS a gold member, but I was mistaken, the fancy badge got me excited
  3. Introducing the new 2119 Mk12 Skycars from Trubblemaker Industries. The Mk12 comes in the following colors: Bumblebee, Candy Apple, Clover, Cobalt, Sanguine Shadow, and Snowball. Custom detailing available for VIP customers. Font by Lady Alexa.
  4. Hello, I recently made some nice vehicles which I would like to upload to this site. Whenever I try I can't click on anything in the type dropdown list, and it's a required selection so I'm stuck.
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