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  1. Posted this on the Discord but posted it here again for exposure. Builders, Check anything you made using the Bowl shaped object. Something about it made it shorter by default... this screws up anything you made. If you fix it, and this issue gets fixed by 3dx, you will have to fix yours again. I submitted this issue to the 3dxchat forum here: https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/10484-bowl-shape-in-world-editor-is-broken/ This is a big problem. Even if you fix it on your end, it's not going to help the people that have already downloaded your stuff. Can we drum up some sup
  2. Got my answer (yet to test) apparently you need to set your world below 50 meters, then lower the ocean to the height you want.
  3. Isn't that just to hide names for your point of view only?
  4. I know one way to do it is to make your world below the ocean level (or raising the level above your room)... but there must be another way, I keep seeing "hunt and fuck island" that has it enforced and the ocean is still normal.
  5. until
    Since April I've been working on a spaceship themed room. I've made a luxury cruise ship in space, it's called the Opal Star. It's a dance club, but it has plenty of places to explore if you want to find somewhere private with that special someone! When the ship is live it will be hosted either by myself (AmyTrubblemaker) or my alt character AIMIEtheHologram. Teaser Trailer: Room features: A massive, fully realized starship both inside and out. 3 decks. A bridge / command center, briefing room, captain's office, captain's private quarters, fancy ballroom and boarding area,
  6. Hi! Hey I have a question about uploading stuff. I have like 7 color variations of a vehicle I made. Is it better to upload all as one file, or can I upload them all individually? I'd like to upload as individual files so people can pick their favorite color but I thought I would check first in case this feels spammy. Also I'm assuming adding a screeshot is another step after you choose the .world files to upload, is that correct?
  7. Thanks for the response, I shared some pics, in the Modz Members Build Gallery, actually I thought I WAS a gold member, but I was mistaken, the fancy badge got me excited
  8. Introducing the new 2119 Mk12 Skycars from Trubblemaker Industries. The Mk12 comes in the following colors: Bumblebee, Candy Apple, Clover, Cobalt, Sanguine Shadow, and Snowball. Custom detailing available for VIP customers. Font by Lady Alexa.
  9. Hello, I recently made some nice vehicles which I would like to upload to this site. Whenever I try I can't click on anything in the type dropdown list, and it's a required selection so I'm stuck.
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