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[DOWNLOAD] 3dx Import Export [World Format]

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  • Modz Gold Member

3dx Import Export [World Format]

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The new version of my Import / export for 3dx with Wolrd Editor.

Main Features:

  • Load old and new files into the tool and save them in any format (*.xml, *.dat, *.world)
  • Merge files inside the tool (button: add props from file)
  • Shift the complete room by x, y, z
  • on the right side, you see some statistics about the loaded file. Here you can
    • remove duplicates
    • switch property types
    • remove selected properties from the statictics table from the loaded room
    • in the tab "single Elements" you can edit each single element each value
  • Online Tools
    • Login
    • Upload room
    • Download room
    • Reset room on server
    • Clear room on server
    • Merge currently loaded file with room on server






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  • Modz Gold Member
On 15.3.2018 at 6:19 AM, NiceKati said:

Hi Tamara,

please can you extend the "Enviroment" field by the new lightig numbers 0...4?

This would be great




CUrrently I am not working on that. But when I extend it, I will think about it.

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  • Modz Gold Member

after last patch your program dont working, i sended file to server but program deleting more things and not working. after i send file to server room loking like in that picture. you can test.


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  • Modz Administrators

Hi Tamara

I noticed when using the import/export tool to "Remove Duplicated" for some reason after saving the file the Light Emitters are tuned up to like 1000% brightness :)


Just another little bug for you to work out :D


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