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Modz Object Party 25th February 2018


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Hi All

I would like to announce our first Modz party to showcase objects that people have created with the World Editor.

This event will be held on AsherReins Skyhaven Airship with live DJs spinning all night.


Our theme for this party is to allow the amazing creators in 3DX to showcase object they have made.

These objects can be lava-lamps, Cars, Coffee Machines, Trucks, DJ Consoles, Cloths Racks, tables and chairs....anything really that is not a full build.

Objects that our members submit will be added to a separate  gallery room for viewing and  Access to this room will be via a group room invite from within the Main Party at Ashers.


If you would like to submit an object/prop file to be shown in the gallery room for this event please submit it in the link below.

I am the only one who has access to your files and I will add them to the gallery room just before the party.



In addition, This is not a competition so there are no prizes on offer.

The Modz team has just seen some incredible objects in game and we wanted to provide a platform for you to show them off.


See you all at our first Modz Event :)

<3 Ayon



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Hallo everyone.. 

The Modz team looking forward to show all the cool objects you guys build and add here, so everyone els can use them. 
Remember to add the things in the link Ayon have told about. 
It will be good if you added the files as soon as you can. So we have time for add the objects in the Showroom, so all your things looks good ;) 

If some have added a object but regret or have a new version, so just contact Ayon and it will be fixed :) 

Best Regard
Modz Team

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