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Good afternoon everyone...
I write these lines asking for help to all the friends that you know that I speak ...
The case, is that from mid afternoon today ... I can not enter my rooms ... I can not edit, nor load any of the rooms I have manufactured ...
When trying ... and after a few seconds ... the game is closed.
I get a box with dialogue attached ...
I have ever managed to enter the room ... and in the upper left ... where the "File" tab is originally, to load or save the game ... it gives me "Frezzer"
I thank you in advance ...Screenshot_1.png.9af6ea70bed91df626525245cff64b18.png

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Hi Ellizza

AlexR responded to the error log I sent him. Here is his response.


"First, she needs to run her file through the duplicate remover, probably multiple times. She has a lot of sink objects in her file, so the game probably just runs out of memory.

The sink object is a bit "special", it has two nested objects with the "props" tag, so every time she saves her file with the vanilla client, the sinks are duplicated. It's hard to notice since they overlap. It only takes 13 saves to get 8192 sinks from a single one. She currently has about 24600 sinks (or more) in her save."

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