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First of all, thank you for come here.

I am Lexzia, or Lex, Lexi, Zia, Choco babe, Miss Hardon.. haha.. yes some have many names ;) call me what you prefare :P

I am a very loyal and honest person, there have a good mood and a huge smile. But because i am so honest, so don't be mad if you ask me something, and my answer is maybe something you not like.. but at least it's honest ;) haha :P 

I am from Denmark, so yes i love Beers, Bacon, Choco and football.. 


About me: 

I started in 3DX in June 2016. I wanted to try something els. 3DX is the only game i am in where there are sex included.


In the beginning i was like many other, i wanted to try most of the things and fast, and i did.. i have try it all (almost)

There did not go longtime before i saw 3DX with other eyes. I wanted to talk and learn to know people and these i got closer to.
That helped me a lot, but that also show me the feelings this game can give you, and how they can hurt you.

I have been hurted more then ones. It hurts everytime, but i manage to come out stronger everytime. 
There are also some bad/dark sides of 3DX where people fight's and tell rumors about other people. That i also have try..I can forgive people, but i can't forget. I am done use time on other peoples drama in 3dx. I move on and leave them alone. Thats the best way i have learned to handle that.

But enough of that.. 

After sometime in 3DX i was tired just to stand and dance no.7 ;) i wanted to create, i wanted to learn, i wanted to build.
When i want to learn something new, i not give up, but i focus hard and try over and over until i can.

I started build and fast i met Ayon and Asher. These two people was a already amazing builders at that time, i asked about how to do, they both have always been there for advise, and help me when needed, and they both have been a mentor for me.
- Thank you of all my heart

After i had learned to build and had hosted some parties, i wanted to learn to DJ to. I had never touch a mixer in my life before. But i wanted to learn, and i got so much help from other DJs.
-Thanks to all of you guys


Today i build/host/plan and DJing. When i DJ i always DJ live. I never prepare a set or have a pre recorded set ready. i am so bad to that. and i always plays after the mood and the reaction people gives in local.


I have also helped out about find "bugs" in 3dx and report them back to the owners/devs.

I help AlexRyder with his dll, test for him, and report in what to fix/change etc.

Today i am very active about build and help. I am memeber of the Modz Team. I really enjoy help other people. there for i also build so everyone there need can get a nice house, club or what they now seek.

That was a small story about me...  

Might be more added over the time, but thats it for now

Hugs Lexzia

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