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Time for a small update..

6th Febuary 2018


At the moment i working on a new house. The house will come as "Give Away"

Its a bit of a huge project, not because the size of the room it that big, but more beacuse i add many small details many might not even see.. haha ;) 

The house is one i saw in a music video. i was just wow.. i want that house.. So i started to build.. 

The special thing about this house is the layout and the design of walls. It took really much time to build the walls. There are 2 levels, and then there is a balcony with its own level ;) 

The progress i can't say much about, because i will adjust/test/build until i am happy. I will never add a room as "Free download" i not want to use too. 

Some pic's might be added soon.. 

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