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World Tree Club (remade)


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Hey Fellow builders :)

So I have finally started building again and I have been having fun with the New World Editor :)


My first real build will be of a remake of the World Tree Club I made Last year in v2.5.

I know a lot of people liked that build, but to be honest I rushed it and I did not finish it like I wanted to.

So, its time to remake it with the New WE :D


Before I say much more you should all know i am using AlexRyders new Extender Modz which a few of us are currently testing for him.

So a lot of the things you will see in this build are only possible because of Alex Modz (thank you Alex). Fingers crossed he will release it soon :D


So this post I'll share pictures of what I am doing with this build.

I have been working on it now casually for a couple of weeks and its already changed a dozen times lol.

As I play with the WE and play around with Shapes/objects I have been saving them for later use....I have so many "ooh I like the look of that, i better save that for later" Shapes on file now. lol


So have fun watching me Build this club, I'll post pictures here as I go


<3 Ayon



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