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How to Merge (Add objects to your room)


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How to add a object / creation into your room - Called "Merge"

If you have downloaded a creation and wants to add that into your existing room.

A good thing to do first is to load in the creation you want to add into your room, for see where it will load in. That way you can be sure you not merge it into a area there already are builded on. A good thing is to take the new object up in the sky, where you know there are "free" area and save it there.
When that is done, save the file and now load in your room, you want to add the things in to.

When your room is loaded in:

  • Click "File" in the top left corner
  • Click "Merge from file"
  • Find the file (object/creation) you want to add into your room
  • Click "Open"

Now you have added the object / creation into your existing room. Now you find it where that file was saving (in the sky if you have follow my advice)

Find the object and place it where you want it and you are done.. ;)

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