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Can't enter my world/customise


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Guest Chasan


Actually thank you for supplying the logs, Alex can actually narrow down where the issue is and help out.

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  • Modz Gold Member

According to this:

ConvexHullBuilder::CreateTrianglesFromPolygons: convex hull has a polygon with less than 3 vertices!
Gu::ConvexMesh::loadConvexHull: convex hull init failed! Try to use the PxConvexFlag::eINFLATE_CONVEX flag. (see PxToolkit::createConvexMeshSafe)
Failed to create Convex Mesh from source mesh "Cylinder_LOD0". Source mesh is likely have too many smooth surface regions. Please reduce the surface smoothness of the source mesh. Alternatively turn on Inflate Mesh and increase the Skin Width sufficiently for this mesh.
Setting scale failed, ignoring request. Please check all scaling axes are non-zero.

you seem to be having a degenerate object somewhere in your scene. This is the engine's internal bug, so there is pretty much nothing you can do about it besides manually removing the broken item from your save file. Usually that would be a too small or too unevenly scaled (i.e. like 10000x0.00001x0.000001) object, but can actually be anything which hasn't aligned well with Unity's internal math.

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  • Modz Administrators

Hi SpearMint

I have seen this before.

If you can not find the corrupt object in the .world file (which might be hard to find if its a large file with 1000's of objects) then you need to remove the room from the server.

You can remove the room using TamaraX modz https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/files/file/119-3dx-import-export-world-format/


There is an option to "Clear the Room"

This will delete the room from the server.

Assuming you have it saved your room, you can then enter the editor and load the room.

Perhaps then you can delete the objects you were working on when you first had this issue.

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