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Hi ! 😀


After my discussion with Natsumi yesterday, I post my room here, hoping it's the right place for the contest ! I'm very proud to participate  😊

As expected, I will post some photos and a video, and I will show you the room whenever you want, ingame (I can host H24 if necessary).


The idea of this club is for me something like a "refuge", I wanted it lost among the clouds, very high in the sky. This allows me to erase the limits of the room and improve the imersion for people who use F5. This club is at the same time a lost refuge and an invitation to escape, an invitation to contemplation.


Here are some specifications for this night club:


- All parts of the room are made by me without exception

- A large circular dancefloor with the DJ booth in the center

- 3 floors, with a noname floor (-1) for more privacy and an open mezzanine

- 3 bars and 3 WC

- An original device for dancers, who create a second silhouette as a hologram.

- All dancers are individually highlighted.

- A lot of lounge/seating areas, in all floors

- The build is optimized for a good balance effect/lag. No lag noted even with 140-160 people, and the file is less than 1500ko (1200-1500, depending of logos from partners)


Here is a dowloadable video from my last opening (4K only if downloaded, preview 360p to 1080p):




For more information, feel free to contact me here, on Discord (POlivier#0879) or ingame


Thank you ! 😀

















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  • Modz Gold Member

Oh I get it, I didn't understand your previous message. No problem Alexa, logos are just for openings, when the dance crews perform, not for the contest, because it's not really a part of the room. But I understand what you feel, really...

By the way, I was forced to modify this logo for better visual integration (cf. the logo below yours on the picture). As we can see, I was careful to personalize it just a little, to make it look like the original perfectly. I hope you're not offended with this modification, it's just for a good integration (I do this for all logos, for each room). I take this opportunity to clarify this point and make sure everything is ok with that in the future.



2021-10-09 00-40-37_31287.png

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  • Modz Gold Member


Hello guys ! I built a panorama room recently (Reboot), but after the last update of the world editor, I decided to update Last Exile. So I think it's a good idea to announce here this new version of Last Exile. Opening this friday :)

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