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Night Club Snowbunny ūüĆÜ by ‚ô†Spade Bunny Sorority‚ô†

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  • Modz Gold Member

Snowbunny Night Club by Reagans and petluscious 


*The Spade Bunny Sorority bought a warehouse in a rough part of town and turned it into a posh night club for all snowbunnies to come and party ^-^*


The theme of this night club is contrast. We have designed it with many contrasting elements juxtaposed for an immersive experience. We also experimented with geometric designs to make things look interesting.


Some of these contrasting elements include emphasized differences between, masculine and feminine, gritty and refined, etc. From one section to the other, the mood and vibe change can be drastic and we carefully crafted the build to guide that experience. Below are some pictures.



The entrance is located on a dimly lit run down street. 





Entrance walkway hall into the club.





Players are greeted with the full view of the club once inside.





Main hall from one of the upstairs dance platforms.






The DJ's view of the main floor.





First floor lounge/entertainment area. 







The circle bar area with modern light fixtures. ^-^






Our corporate office room where we conduct official business *ahem*.







The spiral ramp walkway.  








2nd floor VIP dance floor.







2nd floor VIP lounge.





Lightshow spiral staircase.






An elevator room.




The ladies room.





The men's room.




Designs on the right wall with fascinating gemstone. ^-^




The back alley.





A dangerous bend in the alley.






A basement.





A crackhouse.




Room is 99% designed and built from scratch. Below are the props that are downloaded or made by someone else.


Men's room
-condom, used tissues, cigarettes, piss stains by Slutflora
-wash set by free download

Ladies' room
-make up set, shoes by free download

BDSM basement
-all BDSM machines by free download

-trash bags and dumpster by free download

-desk, office chairs, file cabinets, copier, water cooler, fridge by free download


Filesize is 1.5 MB. We will keep this club open most of the time for the next few weeks. If it isn't please contact me on discord and we can open it for you to judge. Room host will be Reagans.


Thank you!


Reagans and petluscious from the Spade Bunny Sorority




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  • Modz Gold Member

Hello Reagans and Petulscious! 

Thank you for entering the Nightclub Build Competition! 

Is there a chance the judges can get a world file of your club so we're able to have a look at it? Reason being is each Judge lives in a different time zone so getting all three of us in a room at the same time can be difficult. I can assure you that any file attachments can only be downloaded by the three Judges for the purpose of this competition. 

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