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Login impossible since 371 /372


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  • Modz Gold Member

For me both updates were installed without any problem, but:

A friend of mine cannot login since the update, neither on her own computer, nor on mine with her account data, which worked before, up to the update.

I can login on her computer with my login data, so everything is installed correctly. She gets no answer from the customer support.


At the first glance, this seems like its a problem with the account , not with the application.

So it seemed to me also, but it is strange that it occured exactly in the moment when the update was installed after working for about 3 months.

That's why I invited my friend to come to me with her (notebook) computer to look after it myself.

I came to the conclusion that it is definitely not an account problem, but caused by the updated user interface.
She still can login with the (confirmed by 3DXC) email/password combination to an old 368 installation, but not to 372.
As written above, she also cannot login with her data on my computer to 372, by I can with my data on hers.


She wrote 2 times to the customer support without getting an answer.

When she tried to discribe her problem in the 3DXC forum, her post is not published as it had to be reviewed by an admin first, and there it sticks.
I'm really angry about the treament of customers and the customer "support".


You may doubt if it's an issue of the user interface, as then it would effect all users of 3DX.
Considering that there are some issues in the UI, e.g. that you cannot enter password or email adresses containing the capitals "C" or "Z" which make your mouse cursor or the complete user interface in game disappear, as SHIFT+C and SHIFT+Z are hotkeys within the game, but also interfer in e.g. the sharing window for "worlds" and the login screen,

I think that for similar reasons it does not work with some email adresses and passwords, because it fails in recognizing some characters.

Another issue since the patch is that you cannot use the ENTER key any longer for login but have to click on the login field.

Something has changed in the login screen, some bugs were fixed with 372, but it seems that there is at least one not fixed.

My friend could use her data before 371 and can use it still for 368, so it has to do with the patch.


Meanwhile she changed the password to see which part of her login data causes the problem.

The new password works with 368 but not with 372, nothing changed.

I think it depends on the e-mail adress, which is a little uncommon, containing a plus sign,

but it's her valid email adress which never before caused any trouble.

Unfortunately you cannot change your email address.


So she got stuck at this point:
Since the update to 371 she cannot login to the game with her account payed for 12 months.
Her installation is correct (believe me).

She contacted the customer support two times without any reaction.
Describing her problem in the 3DXC forum is delayed by the admin/mod who has to set free her posting.

What can she do to get into the game again?


(My description here is so detailed to make clear, that no trivial help is needed, like "work as administrator", "reinstall everything" etc., as I have checked her installation personally, and it is ok.)

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  • Modz Administrators

Hi NiceKati

If there is an issue with "Typing" some letters into the 3DX login UI can i suggest she puts her Login and Password into Notepad and "Copy Paste" them into the login UI.

See if that works.

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  • Modz Gold Member

Thank you, Ayon, this is the normal procedure for me for entering such data ;), so we tried this first, but without any success.

I even tried to enter the data not only with a german keyboard layout, but also with an US version, as the "+" there has another scancode, also no success.

Seems that the bug in recognizing the email adress to be valid for this account is on a deeper level.

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  • Modz Administrators
1 minute ago, NiceKati said:

I cannot believe that the support of customers with serious problems is that bad!

Yes its never been good.


So is it the special letters she has used in her email that you think is the problem?

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  • Modz Gold Member

This is the only explanation I can find till now:

The program is installed correctly (I can login and play without problems)

She can login to the old version (368) and get her daily xGold

She got a new password, the problem is the same

Only unusual is the email adress, which cannot be changed.


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  • Modz Gold Member

No, the billing company is not affected any more, it was a prepaid timecard, which gives you only a code. The linkage to any emai adress/user account is done by 3DXC, and the say that it is impossible to change the emai adress of an existing account, you have to buy a new one.

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