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  • Modz Gold Member

Hallo everyone..

Because of some personal issues, so its sad for me to tell you all, that there not will come more uploads from me at the moment.

Maybe in the future there will comes some more, time will show..

I need a break from all this. You can still PM if some have something on your mind. So i will see and try help if i can.

Take Care for now..

Lex out.. 
kisses <3 

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  • Modz Gold Member
On 13/3/2018 at 12:57 AM, Ayon said:

Enjoy your Break Lexzia, you deserve it.

I hope you do not stay away too long <3<3



Thank you sweety <3 
I am still online almost everyday ;) So we can still talk..

And i still need to upload some things / Objects i had in the showroom, but have been and are still busy in RL.

I still come here and check my Club here, and my PMs, and thats it for now...
If you want to know more, then use PM's 

Hugs and Kisses

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