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Problem Updating to Version Build 372 - 374

Guest Chasan

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Guest Chasan

The team has been getting some users having trouble updating there 371 to 372. Seems something happens after the update or during the update that messes up the game. Working with a few factors and doing some troubleshooting I tried the following process to fix my issue with the update.  The process may NOT work for all members, and the 3DXModz team may have other suggestions. Here is how I fixed my issue...


1.) Download the freeware of Revo Uninstaller --> https://files.3dxmodz.com/support/RevoUninProSetup.exe


2.) Once installed and setup / run the application / find anything in the uninstall lists related to 3dxchat and remove it


3.) Once everything about 3dxchat has been removed restart the system


4.) Once booted back up download the file by Shay here ---> https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/files/category/36-3dxchat-client-downloads/



5.) When you run the install file it looks like the below screenshots




6.) Click Next




Accept the agreement


7.) Click Next



8.) Now you notice the location? C:\games\3dxchat_WE\3DXChat ??  Change this folder for a fresh install as shown below


This is original Location:



I will change now to this location called "Games2"



See the difference? Now I will click Next and complete the task of installing the game. When I run the game, what will happen is it will start downloading the new update to 372. 

The process resolved my problem, however I am not sure if it will work for just anybody. Hopefully it will work for the majority. Please let the Modz team know if you have any questions

and need anymore assistance.



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