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  • 2 months later...
  • Modz Gold Member

The lasted i have done was to build the new club.. Yin & Yang i have had the club open 1 time so far..

Then i have builded my newest home.. it is that house i have show pic's off.. It have been one of my biggest projects so far.. its the house with the biggest file. Newik Mansion is still the biggest challange i have had so far in here.

at the moment i not build anything, be cause of all the room stealing there is in 3DX.. so sad..  and i hope its soon are over. I do have some idea's about some new clubs and homes.. 

I also think of what to do next.. what shall i give out for download.. hmmmm.... Time will show..

and remember.. Feel free to ask me if you have some on your mind.. 


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  • 2 months later...
  • Modz Gold Member

There will soon be released a new house/home..

It will be a bigger house/map... 
I need to update the house a bit before i can release it, because i have had it in my folders for some time ;)

A small intro about it:
The house is builded on an Island. The house is very detailed. The hole Island is fully used, with cave(s), forest, mountains, beach and much more...
There might be a "dark" side on the Island... ;) 

More to come soon.....

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  • 4 months later...
  • Modz Gold Member

Hi everyone..

I know i not have been so active on my "Club" here lately, but i have been around all the time ;) 
In game i/we have hold The Trance Mission Party and we now prepare the next one there will come in March. Now i have started to plan some of my own parties and the first i hold in 2019 will be the 14th Febuary (Valentines Day)

I have also working with some new clubs. One is finish "Horizon" and the other is soon done "Plan B" 
After that i will once again try build a rock club. I have always been dreaming about build one and have one. For over a year ago i actually started to build one, but i never finished that. So i hope it's time to fix that now ;) 
(Yes there is hidden a rocker in me)

That's all for now.. 
Take care and be safe out there

And remember if any of you have something on your mind, so feel free to ask here or in a PM.

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  • Modz Gold Member


Soon my free house "The Island" will come out with a huge update / makeover..!

I have over the weekend sit and updated the house. 
After some of all gizmo's updates, there have been an update there where it have broke/change some of the object's i have used there.

That i have fixed now, and the rest of the room, house, Island etc have got a makeover as well

What is in this Update:

  • Fixed the broken area's due to some update changes in 3DX
  • Removed many trees in the forest for reduse lag
  • Added a more natural look on the mountains
  • Updated both bathrooms (new look, colors and the bath is now level down to the floor)
  • Updated sleeping room (lower the bed, added a new sofa)
  • Updated the basement with a door out to the pool area
  • Updated the pool with a better look and new walkway into the pool
  • Made a new balcony from the house to the pool area
  • added grass instead of stones around the pool
  • The outside walls are now bricks/stones
  • More to come.....

I will work more on the lag and will try reduse it even more.. 

More info soon.....

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  • Modz Gold Member

In a near future i will start work with "The Spanish House" It will get a HUGE update and makeover.. 

That house was the first i builded when the new Build Editor came out. I have learned a lot since that time. Therefor it's time to update that house. 
Many people still like that house, and with over 3000 downloads on that single house. So it deserves to get an update..

My plans:

  • In general update the house
  • Update the outside area
  • Make details to the house - Inside / Outside
  • Add a easy system to the sexpose's
  • More to come....

If any of you have more idea's about what to update or add in this house. So feel free to contact me with your idea's i will consider all of them.
Just remember we have to hold the lag down to minimum so most people can use the house if they need a "light" house file.

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  • 3 months later...
  • Modz Gold Member

The Island - Upgraded

The Island have got a huge upgrade..
Here are some of the main fix/adjust:


Whats new in Version 2.0.0 


-Fixed where the ground not fitted anymore (due to a 3DX update earlier)
-Redused the forest for reduse lag
-Resize the pool
-Overhaul of the house (New color and roof)
-Overhaul in the bedroom 

-Overhaul in both bathrooms
-New design of the stairs outside from house to pool. Now with bar under and DJ stand on top.
-Door to the basement from pool area
-Small fix/add in the basement

and other things... 

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • Modz Gold Member

Really crazy with so many members here. Thank you all for the support, and also for some nice PMs.

Remember if any of you sit and want to ask something, so ask ;) 

Almost 400 members.. If/when we reach 400, i will release a new house for you all :D 

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  • Modz Gold Member


The other day i told you all, that if we reach 400 members so i would release a new house/home..

We are now over 400 members.. and as promise to you i have now released a new FREE house for download..!

You can find it under: Download -> Finish Homes

The new house is called "Fairview" find more info in the download file ;)

Thank you all for the support here, i hope you will enjoy the new home. 
Remember when you have download the house, so it is yours, and you can do what ever you like with it :D

Hugs & Kisses

btw... Soon i will announce some news about a project a few friends and i have ongoing.. ;)
(Some might already know what it is.. ) 

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  • Modz Gold Member

Fairview - House 


If you want to add sex related objects to the house, but not want to "destroy" the house. So there is a hidden room for that ;) 
Look under the garage.. it have hidden entry as well..

you can move / remove the wall  behind the sofa there are next to the bar in the gym and pool area (Inside the house) :D

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  • Modz Gold Member

Time for a small Update..

Over the last months some friends and i have working on a Discord project called "NJOY", and it got released last week.
So far have people only come back with positive feedback, and many is very active there.
as we speak there is over 100 people there.

It's open to all.. But we are and will be hard against drama, or bad vibes. 

It's NOT a group.. It's an open community where all are free as a bird.
The idea about this, is to have a free room and still feel a part of something. To get help about, building, streaming, software, programs, etc.. ask what ever..  to meet new people, to just talk, and a place for new members of 3DX, to help them to get a more "easy" start now that 3DX can be very hard to start in. 
We all seek something, we all have got help some how, let us together help each others what we seek.

If you think this is something for you, so feel free to join and see for yourself, and if not, so you can ofcause leave again with no harm. 

Use the link here, and read before join.. 

The link guides you to a home site where you read what this is, and then you are guided to the Discord server.

Hugs and NJOY ;)   

Edited by Lexzia
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  • 1 year later...
  • Modz Gold Member

Spanish House have now over 6300 downloads.. and 600 members in here. It's so crazy.!!

Thank you all for the support. 
And because the Spanish House is one of the most downloaded house's here, and also my first build after we got the new build editor. So its a house there means something personal to me.
It's like sex.. you always remember the first one ;) 

When i look at the Spanish House, so i can see how many beginner mistakes i did that time, and therefor i have now started to rebuild it. I hold the design (more or less) i keep the "soul" in the house. But i will now give it a 2021 update. I have moved myself a lot since i build that house, and now it's time to make it shine again.

Soon it's ready.. 
Pic's and more info come's soon.. 

Hugs to you all and be safe out there

Lexzia <3

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  • Modz Gold Member


After days of hard work, so it's finally ready. It was a huge job, but also a huge overhaul of the house. Also because it was my first house i made when we got the new build editor. So i have learned a lot since that time. 
So now it was time to do a rebuild of the Spanish House because so many have used it over the years. It deserved new life and energy.
I have used my own stuff there, but also added some amazing stuff from other builders.

The soul in the house i have try keep. But otherwise it's total rebuild. New look inside and outside. New pool, rebuild the indoor pool. Make it feel "alive" with the environment.
a lot of poses, and also added some of my own poses (See pic's)
The cave is still there, and some more places have been added ;) But that's on you to explore also where all the poses are :D 

I hope you like the new version and will have fun and enjoy it.

Hugs & Kisses


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