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Build and Loose Connection

A small Tip - Now we have all these server issues.. 

If the servers goes down or you loose connection while build..
Stay calm and not panic, because you know you not have been saving.

Even you have "Lost Connection" you can still save your file. Just go save as you normally would do, and then log out.
When you can come back, you go load in the file you saved when you lost connection. Then you are back where you was when it happen ;) 

And if i remember correct, so you can actully still build with the "Lost Connection" sign on. Just drag it to the side, and starts build. Just remember to save before you leave anything. I have tried that before, and it worked for me. I still think that it works. But its on your own risk if you try or do ;) 

Hugs and Enjoy the buildings out there

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