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The New Modz Website

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Hi All

Welcome to the new Modz Website where you can download Modz for 3DX and get help and support for them.

You can share pictures of the game with the Modz community and if you have a Modz that you have created and want to share it, contact on of the Sites Administrators.


This post is just to give some guidance to the new website as its a little different to the old one.


Browse Tab


This is pretty standard as you would expect from any website. The only difference here is if you have pictures or files you want to share with the community don't post them in the forums. We would like you to add your pictures to the Gallery and any files that you want to share to the Downloads page.



This page allows you to write and share knowledge about 3DX.

If you have a question about an actual Modz, then ask it in the Thread dedicated to that Modz. But feel free to wright articles within this page about things that will help the community in game.



As you would expect this is where you can share pictures.

Click on the Modz Members Gallery and create a new Album for yourself to share your pictures.

You can also create private Albums that only you can see. This gives you a place to store your images to share.



Here you will find all your favorite Modz files to download.

If you have a new Modz you would like to share with the Modz community, contact one of the sites administrators.



If you want to create Club for you and your friends to share information and events feel free to make one.

Clubs give the club owner the ability to control who see the information and who can join. So its a great place to arrange events within your groups.



Current not being used, but we have plans for it in the future.



Chatroll and Chatbox

Gives you access to the Sites Chat Window in addition you can Chat directly with AlexRyder and Rochi on their Blogs


Collaboration Rooms

Currently not in use.



Self explanatory :)

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