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[DOWNLOAD] Illumination Designer

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Illumination Designer

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Illumination Designer is a small application that lets you change the brightness of objects. It lets you load a .world file that has been saved using the "Save selected to file" option and change the brightness of the objects in it. The objects need to either be in a single group or un-grouped, when the file is saved, and they will be exported back as a single group whether they were in a group or not to start with.




Advanced Setting lets you change the brightness of each of the three color channels manually most of the time it might not be useful, but now and then it could be.




You can make objects glow using Illumination Designer even if they have materials on them.




Illumination Designer gives a great deal of control over how bright objects appear, if you use the Advanced Setting option there is no limit on the brightness.




Above is an example of a room with no lights on the night setting before and after using Illumination Designer to add brightness to the walls and floor.



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