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Saving in World editor

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  • Modz Gold Member


I did some basic edits to the default personal room.  I saved them and they show up whenever I visit the room.  But when I invite someone back to my room the edits are not there.  What am I missing?

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  • Modz Administrators

There is two "Save" Options you can use in the Editors Drop down menu.

1/ Saves the file to the server and to a file on your computer

2/ Saves the file to the file on your computer only.


If your friends are not seeing the edits then you have not used option 1.


If the above fails it might be that the room has bugged in some way.

So, Make sure you have saved your room file to your computer and then "Clear the room" to remove all props from the editor.

Open the empty room, close it and then go back to the Editor and "Load your Room file again"


This will put the room file back on the server and your friends should be able to see your edits :D


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  • Modz Gold Member

Never invite people directly from the editor. If you do so, they will see the old version and you the new one.

First jump into your own room so it gets saved to the server and than invite somebody to it.

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