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in first thank you to Chasan has create these club and really adapt to the projects i can do with people in 3DX...


In these club I will publish the pictures of the rooms ive create. Some are open with my wife Niine or myself KatyaGKatt  you know i think for some Altantis and ibiza ocean Club :)


Important: Sorry If you search the files, I dont let my deco for people even you hack or publish the files i will never put the files of the clubs ive build. I do more a personnal work, I build clubs for people ask me to do or ask help in their deco and project.


I give some explanation of my phylosophy here, I prevent, Its useless to try to convince or argue the inverse, I explain the reason of these phylosophy and I wont change my rules. Out of all copyright, I have a mind in architect mind you have the homes (include loft villas etc..) the public places, the private places. For my part actually i do only clubs, and a club is a private mind, in irl you havent 150 same clubs they are all ONE not more. For the industrial design we enter in the homes and do a concept of design in each can use the plans but in the home decorate like his or her mind. And the final the specific buildings, is a no cense to have 30 eiffel towers...

Perhaps later i will do some homes but honestly I like build clubs and add a clubbing mind.


For people wish ask me a club: (in game contact katyaGKatt)


The rules for I accept to build a club for you is to have a real project with your idea and mind (dont tell me i want a club and that's all, be precise on your project the atmosphere you want, some ideas, perhaps pictures of clubs you have find in google etc....).

You wish a club (i dont do villa), wish organise parties with DJ with dancers etc..... A clubbing mind in fact  :rolleyes: I precise, you can have a place open each days but the minimal is to organise some events for the community with DJ team dancer, etc... if i help you to have a place, just respect the same mind to share for people and do a minimal of entertainment.

Sex is a part of 3DX also install sex stuf in the room I do no problem its necessary for a party even the first mind of clubbing is Deco Sound Atmosphere Energy....

Be precise on the offer you want do, you want romance areas, an exhib sex part a part for the strips etc....


Exeption: I dont do brothels, the pimps use girls and have a shit head no thank you stay in your home and pimp is the jail direct in my country... An other, the owner want do a room with a shit name and no sence full cold allowed with a shit name like slut-club-of-rape i refuse to lose my time for you... You can try to sell your mother to hope have more people perhaps it works...  in resume you wont have my deco for a basic sex room call other designer dont lost your time with me. My mind is clubbing, and entertainment.


Nota: if people find me "awesome" ive less merit than other designers, i just do an architect universityl it helps a lot for the creativity and space vue, Ive more consideration for a person begin the deco really and learn alone (I think specially of my wife niine and her catamaran).  :) 


Now the clubs ive actually build,  if you have read before lol also no problem enjoy pictures and visits when the places are open:


                     - Atlantis Island                                                    

                     - Ibiza Ocean Club                                            

                     - The E-Crypt                                               

                     - Bora Bora: Rainbow Club                                              

                     - Paradise Island (EdmGarden)              

                     - Starlight Club                                                 

                     - Thunderdome Tomorrowland "Planaxis"


To ask me an help or a project, its simple you post here your wishes, I precise just we are in summer and in hollidays, i cant deliver a roomin one week it need time, actually its better to wait for september. Im on a personnal project and need a little time.               

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