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Atlantis Island:


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My first project

For the story f these place, its my first work in building, ive create for Niine my love :P, a queendom for my princess in fact. These place is one month of work I havent really take note of the hours sorry :)


The mind mix Egypt with the Alexandria lighthouse, babylonian suspend garden and greek mind.


We organise parties with atlantis with a dj roster and have lot of visitor (120 the last time) Honnestly we dont waited so much until be steal in fact but for bad reason just because of a little mafia jealous in war against one person i wont tell the name these mafia is enough paranoid and big mouth :P But we dont care it hasent kill our mood :)


i precise again i do personnal creation,i dont share the files, each place is for one person,dont hesit to come here for your ask: Presentation, rules and request


Also atlantis:









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