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Paradise Island Club


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A place build for my friend Esltar, an other ask for a club, I publish beofre she begins the events because of the fact anyone can hack my files and targ brefore the real designer and builder...... Follow the events the opeening coming soon  :rolleyes:

on the idea ive base on the colonial mind because she is british and correspond really to her spirit :) The color light blue pink and white to link on the angel she is and the paradise she wanted :P


For the mind Elstar wanted a club, but separe the clubbing mind and the sex part of 3DX, more in the romance  :wub:  Also present you Her future club, same rule these room is for her dont ask me the file....


i precise again i do personnal creation,i dont share the files, each place is for one person,dont hesit to come here for your ask: Presentation, rules and request







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