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A new club to present you a personnal work again for my friend Kinteic  :P  i love his production of acid and electro he has share with me and i will add his work in my set so much his electro is fluid and powerfull. A great guy need more like him really :P


Also one night we talked deco together and architect university and he has ask me an help for his club ive accept to visit his club in building. He wanted a system stage around and near the DJ deck without pollute de dance floor and isnt easy with the cam system of 3DX  :wacko:

Also he has show me his room and yes wasnt possible he open his room like he had prevent also lot of challenges for me, secretly hihi ive build a new room but base on the first furnitures he had realise,  the club logo the strip area the beds the signs and of course the stars and the mind. He wanted a real club with dark colors lot of a strong man in mind hihi litterally different of the pinky girl :)


An erratum ive been inform the 22/07/2018, the place, the furnitures, the signs, the logos, the stars and the place was build by Babybell, also ive conserve her furnitures, her logo and her signs on the final room. I let now kinetic see with her if she is agree to let him open the place with all her stuf.


Also the pictures, he has visit yersterday and was so happy, but with the actual shit hacking i publish before he open i prevent someone steal HIS room and its for Kinetic only i wont hesit to ban and do drama group with all the owners designers DJ i know and i know some to be in their side and support them for anyone steal them (little mind for semmi and gremio have been steal recently :().


The club is base on the original idea of Babybell ive only building all the environement and organise the space and complete the deco to be more real in the mind. The color is dark, to cut with the star light. Ive use a deep dark blue apply on shine texture, and add a deep purple light on the dancefloor. For the fun part stage is a mix of yellow and blue light and do these green light in some area i selected   Nature clubbing stars and electro in these room :)Lot of chance have an other openning even next week I will follow and put their flyer here too to promote them :)


The place is prevent to be open the week end of the 29th july 2018



i precise again i do personnal creation,i dont share the files, each place is for one person,dont hesit to come here for your ask: Presentation, rules and request








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