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2018 Modz Announcement party


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Hi all

A massive thank you to everyone that came and danced with us at the 2018 Modz Announcement Party.

It was a great event with awesome music all night. 

So a massive shout our to DJ's ~ Shay, Backfire, StarrFyre, Lexzia, MarMohan, Jessica, Stellania and Romeox  dance.gif


So what was announced?

The 2018 Modz Building Competition has started!!!

You will now see the Competitions forum on the Home page


Below are some quick links for you all.


You can submit your builds here:



if you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of the Admin team if you see us in Game or drops us a PM here on the forums



<3 Ayon

P.s. yes i fell asleep at the party dancing on the bar :/ To all the people who sent me a PM... I am really sorry i did not get back to you. <3




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11 minutes ago, Shay said:

I was telling ppl you were asleep hehe. Such a party animal falling asleep on the bar hahaha

hahah IKR

But i had people coming for lunch that day and i did not want "mjb em GekjWD" printed on my cheeks from sleeping on the keyboard :D

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This is a FANTABULOUS event!


I remember last year's event, a couple of my friends took part in it and were pleasantly surprised by how well it was organized.


I'd also like to tip my hat at Chasan for all the AWESOME prizes that are up for grabs!

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