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3DXChatModz Mobile Chat Setup and Install

Guest Chasan

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How to chat on mobile phone ( Example Used on Android ) :


1. On your mobile phone or tablet visit the main site

2. Login to the site

3. Depending on your view, typically there are 3 bars stacked in the top right of the mobile site tap these

4. Tap Browse and scroll to bottom

5. Tap Mobile Chat


6. The app should start downloading - please verify your security settings to allow the download - (note: if its IPhone go to App Store look up Cometchat)

      To change security setting in Android and other phones please review the below section.


7. Tap Install

8. After Install Tap OPEN

9. Once the app open it will ask for "Website URL" - type - 3dxmodz.com/cometchat


10. Continue and the next screen will show Username and Password - type - UserID and Password

 NOTE: The ID and Password are the ones you use to login to the website... NOT your 3DXChat Login. 

 Use the ID and Password you use to Login to the website.


11. You can also select remember me to not have to login again

12. Tap Login

13. Tap Allow for all following screens


You should now see the list of members and now are able to instant message over your phone.



Security Settings Change:

Some android phones will want to verify apps and there updates. The process prevents downloading of some

applications. Below is the general / standard process to accept the app downloads.


1. From home screen tap the APPS Icon - ( The dots normally )

2. Locate the Settings Icon and Tap - ( Normall a gear icon )

3. Depending on the phone and version what your looking for is the security settings. You can google the keywords "UnKnown Sources" for your version phone

     If I go to google.com and I have a samsung galaxy I would google "Unknown Source Security Samsung Galaxy S6"

4. A few sites will have a guide to show you how to allow the change to accept downloads

5. Accept the Unknown Sources change and click the link below


Download CometChat


6. Go back up top to step 7 to finish setup


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